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Journalist 'really doesn't feel responsible' for Pryce

Isabel Oakeshott, the political editor of The Sunday Times who worked with Vicky Pryce to expose her taking of Chris Huhne’s speeding points, has said she “really doesn't feel responsible for what has happened to her”.

Oakeshott told Daybreak: “I really don’t feel responsible for what has happened to her.

"Remember where this story started - it started with Chris Huhne walking out on his family after 26 years of marriage.”

She added: “For me it was, at the beginning, a political story – that’s why I was pursuing it.

"It was about a cabinet minister who had apparently committed a criminal offence.”

Ten-month average sentence for perverting course of justice

Vicky Pryce was found guilty of perverting the course of justice following retrial. Credit: Priscilla Coleman

Perverting the course of justice carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, although the average sentence is around 10 months.

Both 58-year-old Chris Huhne and economist Vicky Pryce, 60, have been warned to be under no illusion about what punishment they face.

Who is Vicky Pryce?


Huhne and Pryce to be sentenced today

Huhne, left, and Pryce separated in 2010. Credit: PA

Disgraced MP Chris Huhne and his ex-wife, Vicky Pryce, are due to be sentenced today.

The former couple are both facing jail terms at a hearing at Southwark Crown Court at 2pm.

Pryce was found guilty by a jury last week of perverting the course of justice by taking speeding points for Huhne in 2003.

The former energy secretary had already pleaded guilty to the charge.

Timeline: The rise and fall of Chris Huhne

Report: 7% of Tories believe Cameron will win majority

The Tories, pushed into third behind UKIP in Eastleigh, are lagging in the opinion polls. Credit: John Giles/PA Archive

Only 7% of Conservative supporters believe the party will win an overall majority at the next election, The Times has reported, with three quarters expecting Labour to be in power.

The newspaper cited the figures from a canvass of Tory supporters.

Conservative planning minister Nick Boles, though, has warned his party against swinging to the right following the drubbing in last week's Eastleigh by-election, which he said was the result of a "truly rotten campaign".

He said the party had failed to offer voters any hope in the Hampshire constituency and instead repeated the same mistakes it has been making "for a decade".

Mr Boles, an ally of the Prime Minister's, also warned any party schemers they needed "their head seeing to" if they believed it was wise to attempt to dethrone Mr Cameron.

Eastleigh provides a rare insight into state of UK politics

by - Political Editor

A by-election at this point in the Parliament usually tells us absolutely nothing, but rarely this one has been very revealing.

It's a stellar result for the Liberal Democrats, who have proved they are doughty local campaigners and there is a reasonable chance they can hold on to their seats at the next election. And who knows, maybe get a few more.

Victory in Eastleigh quashes the idea that the Liberal Democrats are 'finished'
Victory in Eastleigh quashes the idea that the Liberal Democrats are 'finished' Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

That leaves the Tories in a very bad position, because their chances of winning a majority depends on winning at least 20 or so Lib Dem seats. The evidence here shows that isn't very likely.

David Cameron hasn't always been particularly popular with his backbenchers and the big question from a lot of them will be: would we do better with a change?

Labour have got problems too, because it's reasonably clear that they're not an especially attractive alternative if people are disgruntled with the Coalition.


UKIP: Eastleigh tremor will become national earthquake

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has told a press conference that "never again" will people say voting for the party is a wasted vote, following the Eastleigh by-election where the party finished second.

He added that he intended to capitalise on the "tremor" UKIP had created in Eastleigh and turn it into a "national political earthquake" at the European elections next year.

Labour MP: Eastleigh result was 'disaster' for party

The Labour backbencher Austin Mitchell has described Labour finishing fourth in the Eastleigh by-election "a disaster":


Eastleigh disaster. Labour needs a nationalist appeal. The nation is being betrayed,weakened and sold down river.We sd say so

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