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Office falls victim to cyber attack after eBay breach

Nationwide shoe shop Office has become the latest company to fall victim to a cyber attack, forcing the retailer to warn its customers to change their account passwords.

The high street chain confirmed its online security had been breached, following similar attacks on eBay and Spotify, but said customers' financial data had not been compromised.

The retailer has emailed users urging them to change their login details on other sites.

Customers with accounts on Office's website have been urged to change their login details. Credit:

Office chief executive Brian McCluskey said: "We take such a threat very seriously and have been in communication with our customers to advise them of the matter.

"We can confirm that no credit card, debit card, Paypal or bank details were compromised in any way. In addition we have reported the matter to the relevant authorities."

Last week eBay announced that a breach in their security had given hackers access to more than 100 million users while Spotify updated its Android App after a user account was deemed to have been compromised.


Ebay hacked: What to do now to protect your accounts

by - Consumer Editor
A login page of eBay with a made up user name. Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

A cyber security expert has given this step by step guide on what to do after the eBay attack.

Step 1: Password change

– Immediately change your password. See Ntegra's recommendations on strong passwords by clicking here.

Step 2: Change other accounts using the same credentials

  • If you use the same username and/or password elsewhere, change your password there also.

Step 3: Check your delivery address

  • Check your delivery addresses on eBay for fraudulent addresses, a hacker could use your account and have goods delivered elsewhere. Delete unused addresses immediately.

With thanks to Ntegra.

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Ebay users struggling to change passwords after hack

by - Consumer Editor
General View of online auction website eBay. Credit: Edward Smith/Empics

Since our report last night many eBay users have contacted me to say they have been unable to change their passwords - they are finding the eBay system is overwhelmed.

This morning I put this issue to eBay who tells me:

"We know that customers are concerned, and want us to fix this issue straight away, and we are working hard to do just that.

Our first priority is and always has been to protect our user’s information and ensure we correctly deal with the technical challenges such a situation brings, and that is why as a first step we have requested all users change their passwords.

Other steps, including email notification, will follow and we will ensure all eBay users have changed their passwords over the coming days."

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eBay 'taking every precaution to protect customers'

E-commerce site eBay has urged its users to change their passwords after the website's database, which contained names and contact details of customers, was compromised by hackers.

In a statement eBay insisted that there was "no evidence that financial information was accessed."

ITV News' Consumer Editor Chris Choi reports:

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eBay employee data gained through 'social engineering'

Michela Menting, cybersecurity director at technology market experts ABI Research has suggested that hackers gained eBay credentials through "social engineering," a type of psychological manipulation to get people to divulge confidential information.

Menting said that eBay's timely public announcement will reassure public opinion. Credit: Niall Carson/PA

Menting said: "Finally I think their timely public announcement - two weeks after discovery - helps to reassure not only public opinion, but also their own brand reputation.

"Transparency when dealing with incident response for an event that has affected customers, in this case millions, is highly commendable - it means that eBay takes security seriously."

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PayPal account information 'not compromised'

PayPal have said in a statement that "extensive forensic research" has shown "no evidence of unauthorized access or compromise to personal or financial information for PayPal customers."


eBay users asked to reset password as a precaution. PayPal account information has NOT been accessed or compromised.

They also stated that PayPal never shares financial information with merchants, "including eBay" and that it encourages any eBay user who used the same password on other sites to change those too.

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eBay: 'No evidence' financial information accessed

In a statement on the eBay website, the company has said it has "no evidence of the compromise resulting in unauthorised activity for eBay users."

They also said that there has been "no unauthorised access to financial or credit card information which is stored separately in encrypted formats".


eBay has no evidence of unauthorized access to credit card or financial info of eBay users. More:

The firm did reiterate that changing passwords is a "best practice and will help enhance security for eBay users".

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