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Miliband: Previous intervention gives us responsibility to Iraq

Ed Miliband has said that there needs to be a clear plan on any British military action against IS in Iraq.

The Labour leader said:

Some people would say that our intervention in Iraq means we should not intervene in this case. I think there is a heightened responsibility precisely because we did intervene in Iraq and with all kinds of implications the Iraqi state that has emerged is partly our responsibility.

– Ed Miliband

Miliband: UK action in Iraq 'part of a coherent strategy'

Ed Miliband has said that any UK airstrikes in Iraq would be "part of a coherent strategy, yes it's difficult, but the alternative is to turn away and say we're not going to take action."

Now I know that because of the 2003 Iraq war people will be fearful about this. We're determined we don't repeat the mistakes of the past but equally we don't turn away from the threats that we face.

– Ed Miliband


Miliband: Britain 'can't turn away from threat of IS'

Ed Miliband said Britain "cannot turn away from the threat" of the Islamic State and that is why he has backed air strikes against the militants in Iraq.

Labour leader Ed Miliband Credit: Tim Goode/EMPICS Entertainment

We cannot turn away from the threat of ISIL which is a murderous organisation, has taken British hostages, threatens the stability of the region and is therefore a threat to the UK's national interest.

That is why we will be supporting the Government's proposal for UK air strikes in Iraq against ISIL. I want to reassure people there is no question of committing UK ground troops.

There is an alliance which includes countries in the region.

We will learn the lessons of the past - but we will not turn away from threats to our national interest.

– Ed Miliband

Miliband: Labour is prepared to make tough decisions

Ed Miliband has said his party would be prepared to make tough decisions about the economy ahead of next year's election, despite not mentioning Britain's deficit in his main party speech yesterday.

The Labour leader told ITV News: "None of the proposals in our manifesto will be funded by additional borrowing."

ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby reports:

Miliband: We can change country with big reform not spending

Ed Miliband has defended his plans to increase spending without any extra borrowing.

Speaking to ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby the Labour leader said:

We can raise the minimum wage to £8, it actually saves money on the benefits bill. We can properly fund our NHS, £2.5 billion more by raising taxes on some of the richest in our society... We can make changes to apprenticeships using business and actually using money better than we spend it at the moment.

I don't buy the argument that we can't change our country because we're not spending lots more. I think we can change our country with big reform not big spending.

– Ed Miliband

Miliband: No manifesto pledges will be funded with extra borrowing

Ed Miliband has said that no Labour proposals in their manifesto will be funded by extra borrowing.

Speaking to ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby about the economy questions for the next election the Labour leader said:

Clearly part of it is also clearing the deficit, which is why we said yesterday in relation to our NHS proposals we're not going to borrow a penny more to pay for it, indeed none of our proposals in our manifesto will be paid for by additional borrowing.

– Ed Miliband


Miliband: We 'cannot turn away' from threat of IS

The UK "cannot turn away" from the threat posed by Islamic State (IS) as they are "a murderous organisation", Ed Miliband has said.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, the Labour leader said he was "open" to British intervention but wanted to see proof the UK could make a legal, effective contribution.

Miliband: We cannot turn away from threat of IS

Ed Miliband has said the UK cannot 'turn away' from the threat of Islamic Stat (IS).

Speaking to Good Morning Britain the Labour leader said:

Miliband: Economy needs change to work for working people

Labour leader Ed Miliband has said that he did forget parts of his speech yesterday after he failed to mention the deficit during his conference speech, but added that the economy needed change.

Conservatives keep up pressure on 'English votes for English laws'

While the Labour leadership debated the economy today, the Conservative party continued to push English MPs voting on English laws. William Hague said any party that did not link such reforms to more powers for Scotland could pay at the General Election. ITV News Deputy Political Editor, Chris Ship, reports:

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