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Miliband slams 'ugly' Yes tactics after chaotic scenes

Ed Miliband has accused the pro-Scottish independence campaign of "ugly" tactics after he was heckled in chaotic scenes during a visit to Edinburgh.

The Labour leader was branded an "absolute liar" by protesters when he toured the St James Shopping Centre in what was supposed to be a trip to persuade undecided voters.

Abuse was hurled at Labour leader Ed Miliband as he made his way through the Edinburgh shopping centre. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Mr Miliband told the BBC, "I think we have seen in parts of this campaign an ugly side to it from the Yes campaign."


Ed Miliband heckled on walkabout in Edinburgh

Ed Miliband had a tough time on a walkabout in Edinburgh today as Yes campaign supporters attempted to shout down the Labour leader.

Mr Miliband struggled to move through a large crowd of reporters and supporters of both sides, although he did manage to stop for a selfie with a local student.

As he attempted to answer questions about the campaign, one Yes supporter repeatedly shouted "bow down to Mr Miliband, your imperial master".

'Total scrum' at Miliband's walkabout in Edinburgh

Ed Miliband makes passionate plea for Union

Labour leader Ed Miliband has delivered a passionate plea for Scotland to remain part of the UK, telling voters that he was speaking "from the head, from the heart, from the soul".


Cameron denies 'No campaign' is in panic

David Cameron has been asked if the highly-unusual move to miss Prime Minister's Questions was a sign of panic in the no camp ahead of the Scottish referendum.

I really care about this issue.

I care passionately about our United Kingdom and I want to do everything I can to put the arguments in front of the people.

In the end it is for the Scottish people to decide but I want them to know that the rest of the United Kingdom, and I speak as Prime Minister, want them to stay.

All those steps we can take, making sure people in Scotland know that they can have the best of both worlds - more powers to govern themselves but also being inside the United Kingdom.

– David Cameron

Miliband raises a Saltire to 'send message' to Scotland

Labour leader Ed Miliband and Liverpool City Council leader Joe Anderson have raised a Saltire and urged Britons across the UK to do the same.

Liverpool City Council leader Joe Anderson and Labour leader, Ed Miliband (right) raising a Saltire Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

Miliband to call for Saltire to be raised across UK

Labour leader Ed Miliband will today call for the Saltire to be raised over buildings around the UK "to send a message to Scotland: stay with us".

The Saltire - the flag of Scotland Credit: David Cheskin/PA Archive

He will join Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, in raising a Saltire flag from the city council building later this morning. He is expected to say:

We want to see the Saltire flying above buildings all across our country.

We are starting here in Liverpool by raising the Saltire to show we achieve fairness, equality and social justice better together than we do apart.

– ed miliband, labour leader

Miliband to urge swift power talks after Scottish vote

Work to hand more powers to Scotland if it rejects independence should begin immediately after the referendum, Ed Miliband is expected to say.

The Labour leader will argue that with offers of enhanced devolution already on the table from all three of the main parties in Westminster, the process should get under way "right after" the 18 September vote.

Labour leader Ed Miliband will address the TUC general dinner in Liverpool. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

In a speech to the TUC general dinner in Liverpool, Miliband will also praise the trade unions for their role in campaigning for a No vote.

He will say that voting against "separation is also about saying yes to more devolution," which will see "more decisions being made in Scotland, by Scots, with a stronger Scottish Parliament, with more powers guaranteed".

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