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Bookies take bets on Miliband stepping down

Ed Miliband may step down as leader of the Labour Party by midnight tonight, according to the bookies.

William Hill's Graham Sharpe told ITV News that the odds of Miliband resigning are 8/11 - around 24 hours after he was considered a contender to become the next Prime Minister.

Odds of Ed Miliband resigning are 8/11, William Hill has said. Credit: PA Wire

Meanwhile, bets are being placed on who could replace him, with suggestions including his brother and former foreign secretary David Miliband.

Andy Burnham is the favourite to become the party's new leader, with odds places at 5/2, followed by Yvette Cooper (3/1), Chuka Umunna (6/1), Dan Jarvis (7/1), Tristram Hunt (10/1) and David Miliband (11/1).

Miliband currently the most tweeted about party leader

Labour leader Ed Miliband is currently the most talked about party leader on Twitter, the social media site has told ITV News.

Ed Miliband is the most talked about leader, while Leanne Wood is the least. Credit: Twitter

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Ed Miliband: Vote Labour to put your family first

As he mounts his final push for Election victory, Ed Miliband has urged to people to vote Labour tomorrow so that his party can put "hard working families first" ahead of the "privileged few."

Mr Miliband said:

"I’m asking people to vote Labour tomorrow to put their family first so that we can be a country that rewards hard work again, gives opportunity to our young people and rescues our NHS.

"If I’m Prime Minister I will put working families first, not the privileged few – and that’s the choice at this Election."

Stone 'does not mean Miliband will keep to pledges'

Ed Miliband carving his manifesto into stone does not mean a Labour government would keep to the promises, the party's campaign boss has suggested.

Ed Miliband standing next to his much-maligned stone. Credit: PA Wire

Lucy Powell said Mr Miliband stood by his pledges but added: "I don't think anyone is suggesting that the fact that he's carved them into stone means, you know, that he will absolutely, you know, not going to break them or anything like that."

Her political rivals were quick to seize on the comments with the Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps saying: "£30,000 worth of limestone doesn't change the fact that Ed Miliband will say one thing and do another."

Ms Powell later tweeted that she had been misquoted during her appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live.

The 8ft high stone was widely mocked after its unveiling at the weekend, with David Cameron labelling it a "tombstone".

Miliband: Less than 48 hours to get rid of Tories

Ed Miliband has told voters there are "less than 48 hours to get rid of this Tory government and David Cameron" as he placed the NHS at the centre of his campaign again.

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader. Credit: ITV News

Mr Miliband told an audience in Bedford that the health service was facing a "financial timebomb" with the Tories planning "savage cuts".

He said he wanted to put the "right values" including "care, compassion and corporation" back at the centre of the NHS.

The Labour leader said he would keep going "right till the last minutes" to rescue the National Health Service and prevent another five years of Conservative government.

ITV News' Carl Dinnen, who is following Labour's campaign, said Mr Miliband had admitted "this race could be one of the closest in our history" as he outlined the choice facing voters on Thursday.


Miliband commissions 'election pledges' stone for No.10

Ed Miliband has commissioned a giant stone inscription bearing Labour’s six election pledges that is set to be installed in the Downing Street Rose Garden if he becomes prime minister.

Labour say that the stone will symbolise Ed Miliband’s commitment to keep his pledges and rebuild trust in British politics.

Nick Clegg and David Cameron have helped erode trust in all political leaders by the way they broke promises on issues like tuition fees and immigration after the last election.

If I am prime minister, I will keep our stone in a place where we can see it every day as a reminder of our duty to keep Labour’s promises.

– Ed Miliband

Miliband claims Cameron hasn't ruled out cutting tax credits

Ed Miliband claimed David Cameron has not ruled out cutting tax credits, a guarantee he gave as he was repeatedly grilled by the audience on Labour's spending record while in power.

"We're committing to a balanced plan, which balances the books, not going much further and I tried to set out what that balanced plan is," the Labour leader said.

Ed Miliband said Labour would 'balance the books'. Credit: Question Time

"I'm afraid David Cameron, he might have sounded like he answered your question but he didn't, he didn't really give you a guarantee," he continued.

"I'm to give you that guarantee tonight, I'm not going to cut your tax credits, I'm not going to cut child benefit or means test it."

Miliband says leaders 'do what is best for the country'

Ed Miliband has told the Question Time audience that leaders "do what is best for the country".

Ed Miliband tells the audience his philosophy on leadership. Credit: Question Time

"The thing about leadership is, you don't always do what polls tell you to. You do what is best for the country," the Labour leader said.

Miliband said having a referendum on EU membership at this time "would be a disaster".

Ed: I'd rather not be in govt than make a deal with SNP

Labour leader Ed Miliband has said he would rather not be in government at all than to enter into deals or a coalition arrangement with the SNP.

Responding to a question accusing him of "misleading" voters about his intentions, he categorically ruled out any arrangement with Nicola Sturgeon's party.

He also dismissed comments from shadow cabinet colleagues suggesting a positive feeling towards such an arrangement, insisting: "I'm the leader."

I am not going to sacrifice the future of our country, the unity of our country. I'm not going to give in to SNP demands around Trident, around the deficit, or anything like that.

I'm not going to have a Labour government if it means deals or a coalition with the SNP.

– Ed Miliband, Labour leader

Directly addressing Scottish voters, he added:

There's no easy route here to vote SNP and get a Labour government. If you want a Labour government, vote Labour.

– Ed Miliband, Labour leader
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