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What the submariner pleaded guilty to

  • Devenney admitted gathering details of "crypto material" - programmes used to encrypt secret information - which could be useful to an enemy.
  • He was charged with collecting information for a purpose prejudicial to the safety or interests of the State between November 18 2011 and March 7 2012.
  • The submariner admitted a charge of misconduct in a public office in relation to meeting two people whom he thought were from the Russian secret service and discussing information relating to the movement of nuclear submarines.
  • He denied a second count of communicating information to another person and this will not be pursued by prosecutors.


  1. Jon Clements

Officer offered details of operation by HMS Trafalgar

File picture of British nuclear submarine, HMS Trafalgar. Credit: Ministry of Defence/PA Wire

Submariner Edward Devenney pleads guilty to collecting top secret Royal Navy codes and seeking a covert relationship with a foreign power.

Devenney offered details of an operation by HMS Trafalgar and sailing dates of two nuclear submarines to men he believed were Russian spies.

Submariner breached the Official Secrets Act

Edward Devenney hides as he arrives at Westminster Magistrates' Court in March. Credit: PA Wire

Devenney pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to gathering details of encryption programmes in breach of the Official Secrets Act.

He also admitted a charge of misconduct in a public office in relation to a meeting with two people he thought were from the secret service of another state.

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