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Miliband to use banker bonus tax to fund youth jobs

Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband has said that it is not complicated to solve youth unemployment, on bankers

"Tax those bankers bonuses and use the money to guarantee jobs for our young people. Guarantee jobs for every young person out of work for more than year.

We'll pay the wages from the money raised from those bankers bonuses, the employer provides the training and the young people have to take work."


Miliband: Local government strategy will tackle living standards

Ed Miliband has begun to outline his local government strategy in Birmingham. The Labour leader said ; "Labour is changing so that we can change the country. On living standards, on jobs, on the NHS and on crime." On living standards he said;

Every pensioner over the age of 75 won't have to shop around for energy - we will force the energy companies to give you the lowest tariff.

We would cap rail fares on all routes.

We wouldn't be cutting the 50p tax rate for millionaires we'd actually be spending the money to make sure those pensioners tax allowances were put back in place.

Labour leader: Government have abandoned middle Britain

Labour leader Ed Miliband will today launch his party's local election campaign.

He is expected to accuse the government of abandoning middle Britain in favour of the wealthy few.

"This is a Government that doesn't listen to squeezed middle families who work hard to make ends meet,

"A Government that doesn't listen to pensioners who have worked hard all their lives. And a Government that doesn't listen to young people who can only dream of working a tall.

"They have abandoned any pretence they can govern for the whole country. They have abandoned Middle Britain."

– Ed Miliband


Miliband launches local election campaign

Miliband launches local election campaign Credit: PA

Labour will govern forthe whole country "not just the wealthy few" according to leader EdMiliband who today launches the party’s local election campaign in England.

Labour's still reeling after their shock defeat in the Bradford West by-election atthe hands of George Galloway last week.

The local elections will take place on 3 May.

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