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Crop-raiding elephant successfully relocated

A 20-year-old elephant has been relocated after local farmers complained that the male had been raiding their crops in Mazabuka, Zambia.

Game Rangers International (GRI) and the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) successfully moved the animal from the Nega Nega area of Mazabuka District to the Kafue National Park.

The male adult elephant was relocated on Saturday to Kafue National Park. Credit: Game Rangers International

The operation began on Saturday morning and lasted over 12 hours.

The animal was airlifted by helicopter before being holstered onto the back of a crane truck and then carried to a larger transporter truck for the last part of the journey.

The elephant had been resident in the area for a number of years but complaints from farmers forced his departure. Credit: Game Rangers International

Many of the affected community were happy that the animal was moving to a new home rather than being shot.

Arriving at the Kafue National Park, the elephant headed straight into the forest where it is hoped he will enjoy a "long and peaceful life" in his new home.

A convoy of vehicles set off to travel 450km to transport the elephant to the Kafue National Park. Credit: Game Rangers International

The operation was supported by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

British teacher speaks of horror after elephant attack

A teacher who suffered a serious leg injury when an elephant tore through her car in South Africa has told how she desperately tried to drive away.

Sarah Brooks, who works at the Sir John Gleed School in Spalding, Lincolnshire, and her South African fiancee Jans de Klerk, were attacked by the elephant as they drove through the Kruger National Park on December 30.

The elephant was filmed flipping the car onto its roof. Credit: Barcroft Media

Miss Brooks told the Daily Mail: "The elephant was coming towards us, so I swung round to do a three-point turn but couldn’t get it into reverse. I completely freaked.

"I somehow managed to turn the engine on, Jans found reverse, but just as I got it going, the elephant tipped us up.

"At that moment, your life flashes through your head. I thought, 'We've only been together a year-and-a-half, life's good. Why now? Why the hell now? It just isn't fair.' I didn't know if either of us would live."

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