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Ellen DeGeneres joins Nigerian schoolgirls campaign

Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres has tweeted a picture supporting the campaign to find the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls.

DeGeneres, whose Oscars "selfie" became the most retweeted Twitter post of all time, wrote:

Her #BringBackOurGirls post already has more than 17,000 retweets.

Homer Simpson posts Oscars selfie parody

Homer Simpson joined in with the parodies of Ellen Degeneres' Oscars selfie, with the character's official Twitter account posting this picture:

He was quickly picked up by Hollywood star Kevin Spacey, who had his own revelation about Degeneres' snap.

The actor wrote "U think @HomerJSimpson had it bad? I was standing on @JohnStamos [actor] head!".

Oscars selfie most retweeted Twitter post ever

A selfie taken by Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres has become the most retweeted Twitter post of all time.

Surrounding herself with a plethora of stars, including Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey, DeGeneres said she was hoping to make the picture the most retweeted ever.

Just over an hour after posting the picture it had been retweeted 1,487,591 times and favourited 825,602 times making it the most popular tweet ever.