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Police make appeal to catch Birmingham pensioner attacker

West Midlands Police:

  • Nothing to suggest there was only one person involved
  • Emma Winnall is doing her best in hospital to recall the details of her attack
  • We have had a number of names come through to us and we are working through them chronologically
  • The injuries she sustained would be challenging to someone half her age

Family of pensioner assaulted in bed begin their personal appeal to catch culprit

Family of attacked pensioner to make public appeal

94-year-old Emma Winnall was attacked as she slept at her home in Moseley, Birmingham. Credit: Police handout

The family of a 94-year-old woman who was battered in her own bed will make a public appeal for help to catch her attacker today.

Emma Winnall was assaulted as she slept at her home in Moseley, Birmingham, some time between 9pm on April 30 and 9am the next morning, when she was found by her carer.

At a press conference this afternoon, her daughter and other family members will join police in a plea for information to solve the crime. Detective Chief Inspector Sab Johal said yesterday:

"This is no time for misguided loyalties. If someone knows who did this to Emma, they must tell us."


West Midlands Police speak to 94-year-old Emma Winnall after her attack

Detective Chief Inspector Sab Johal from West Midlands Police has spoken about Emma Winnall's interview with specially trained officers.

He said:

"Officers who are specially trained in interviewing vulnerable victims such as Emma, spoke to her as she recovers in hospital.

"While the content of that interview is private, I can say that she can recall the incident and explained just how frightened she was during this senseless attack.

"Like the rest of us, Emma is also really struggling to understand why someone would do this to her.

"She is not a rich woman and has lived in the area a long time. From what we can tell, she was also well liked by neighbours. We need to know who did this to her."

– Detective Chief Inspector Sab Johal from West Midlands Police

94-year-old woman describes savage attack to police

Emma Winnall, 94, told police how frightened she was during the assault Credit: Police handout

A 94-year-old woman who was savagely attacked in her own bed has told police how frightened she was during the assault and was "struggling to understand" why she was targeted.

Specially-trained officers interviewed Emma Winnall in hospital on Saturday, where she is recovering after emergency surgery.

She was attacked at her home in Moseley, Birmingham, between 9pm on Monday and 9am on Tuesday, when she was found by her carer.

Family hope someone will find their conscience over attack

West Midlands Police Detective Chief Inspector Sarb Johal, said: "It doesn't appear anything was stolen from the lady's home and the interior was largely undisturbed.

"We believe an implement of some sort was used during the assault – our forensics experts are scouring the property in the hope of shedding some light on exactly what happened...

"Mrs Winnall's daughter has asked us to issue an image of her mother in hospital showing the extent of her injuries in the hope it will stir consciences and persuade anyone with information to contact us."

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