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Man United boss Mourinho feels sorry for Allardyce

Jose Mourinho has sympathy for Allardyce. Credit: PA

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho says he feels sorry for Sam Allardyce following his brief spell as England manager.

Speaking ahead of his side's Europa League tie with Zorya on Thursday, the Portuguese explained that he doesn't any differently of Allardyce after he was caught up in the scandal that caused his demise.

The only thing I can say is that I like Sam, I feel sorry for that because I know it was the dream job [for him] and I feel very sorry.

The second thing is that what happened is not going to interfere in any way in my relationship with him, I liked him and respected him before and that is not going to change.

The third thing is that this is between him and the FA and I have nothing to say about it really.

– Jose Mourinho

Davies: Allardyce exit a sign of scrutiny level

Former Football Association chief David Davies believes Sam Allardyce's premature exit as England manager is further proof of the scrutiny one is under in the role.

Davies told ITV News that he was "immensely sad" about Allardyce leaving his position after just 67 days, but he wasn't surprised by the outcome following the allegations made by The Telegraph.

I am immensely sad on a personal level at what has happened.

I think what it illustrates the level of scrutiny if you become the England manager. Some of us have talked about it over many years, saying it compares to members of the Royal family or members of government and sometimes more extreme than that.

– David Davies


Allardyce: Entrapment has cost me England job

Sam Allardyce says "entrapment has won" after he lost his job following a newspaper investigation.

The Football Association terminated his contract on Tuesday after revelations made in The Telegraph.

Speaking outside his home the day after he left the England manager's job, the former Bolton boss explained he was off on holiday to reflect on what had happened.

On reflection, it was a silly thing to do; I helped out someone I had known for 30 years and unfortunately it was an error in judgement on my behalf.

I've suffered the consequences. Entrapment has won on this occasion.

The agreement [to terminate his contract] with the FA was all done very amicably.

I have a confidential agreement so I can't say too much more.

I'm going to go away and reflect on it. I am off abroad to chill out and reflect on it.

– Sam Allardyce

Allardyce was 'doing favour for friend'

Sam Allardyce lost his job on Tuesday. Credit: PA

Former England manager Sam Allardyce claims he only attended a meeting with undercover reporters in order to help a friend get a job.

Allardyce told Sky Sports News that thought he was helping Scott McGarvey get a £260,000 a year job with a company when he met the reporters in a hotel.

It also reported that Allardyce said he 'wasn't being greedy' nor 'wanted to earn more money' following the discussion with undercover journalists.

It is thought Allardyce will leave the country to go on a family holiday for a couple of weeks as he ponders his future.

Allardyce admits he was 'foolish' says FA chairman

Sam Allardyce admitted he was "foolish" and his behaviour did not "live up to the high standards expected of an England manager," The FA's chairman has said.

Speaking after the meeting between the former England manager and The Football Association, at which it was decided that Allardyce would leave "by mutual agreement", Greg Clarke said Allardyce's comments were "inconsistent with the position as the senior manager of England".

Mr Clarke added that the "tipping point" in the decision for Allardyce to leave came during the meeting, and that The FA was not "embarrassed" by what had happened, but "sad".

Mr Clarke continued that the recent events were "not the plan we had, but we've got to make the new plan work," confirming that Gareth Southgate will take charge of the team for the immediate future.


Allardyce 'disappointed' to leave England manager role

Sam Allardyce Credit: PA

Sam Allardyce has said he is "disappointed" to have left his role as England manager.

His statement reads:

"Further to recent events, The FA and I have mutually agreed to part company.

"It was a great honour for me to be appointed back in July and I am deeply disappointed at this outcome.

"This afternoon, I met with Greg Clarke and Martin Glenn and offered a sincere and wholehearted apology for my actions.

"Although it was made clear during the recorded conversations that any proposed arrangements would need The FA’s full approval, I recognise I made some comments which have caused embarrassment.

"As part of today’s meeting, I was asked to clarify what I said and the context in which the conversations took place. I have co-operated fully in this regard.

"I also regret my comments with regard to other individuals."

FA statement: Allardyce leaves by 'mutual agreement'

Sam Allardyce Credit: PA

After confirming that Sam Allardyce has left his position as England manager, by "mutual agreement" The Football Association released this statement.

"The FA can confirm that Sam Allardyce has left his position as England manager.

"Allardyce's conduct, as reported today, was inappropriate of the England manager. He accepts he made a significant error of judgement and has apologised. However, due to the serious nature of his actions, The FA and Allardyce have mutually agreed to terminate his contract with immediate effect.

"This is not a decision that was taken lightly but The FA's priority is to protect the wider interests of the game and maintain the highest standards of conduct in football. The manager of the England men's senior team is a position which must demonstrate strong leadership and show respect for the integrity of the game at all times.

"Gareth Southgate will take charge of the men's senior team for the next four matches against Malta, Slovenia, Scotland and Spain whilst The FA begins its search for the new England manager.

"The FA wishes Sam well in the future."

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