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Basque separatists 'pledge to put weapons beyond use'

Armed Basque separatist group ETA will pledge to put its weapons 'beyond use', Spanish newspaper El Pais reports.

The report comes ahead of first news conference from the international commission set up in 2011 to monitor ETA's ceasefire. The group will report their findings this afternoon.

Supporters call for the regroupment of ETA prisoners in Basque jails during a march in Bilbao on January 11. Credit: Reuters

ETA is responsible for the death of 800 people over four decades. The group, which seeks independence for the Basque region of northwestern Spain and southern France, publicly proclaimed a ceasefire two years ago, but has so far made no moves to decommission.

The group has been weakened by a number of high profile arrests and flagging support across the Basque region.

Suspected Basque terrorists held in London

Armed police assisted in the arrests Credit: REUTERS/Toby Melville

Officials have confirmed that two men arrested by armed police in London are suspected Basque terrorists.

Antonio Troitino Arranz and Ignacio Leron Sanchez are described as senior members of ETA by the Spanish interior ministry.

They were arrested at a residential address in Hounslow, west London.