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Briton killed in Ethiopia 'shooting accident'

Bahir Dar is located about 300 miles north of the capital Addis Adaba. Credit: Google Maps

The Foreign Office has confirmed that a British national has died in Ethiopia following reports of an "accidental" shooting in the city of Bahir Dar.

AFP, citing a government spokesman, reported that a 47-year-old British tourist was killed in a church in the northwestern city after a man accidentally discharged an "old rifle".

The Foreign Office made no other comment except to say it was "providing consular assistance to the family at this difficult time”.

Hijack co-pilot promises to climb out of plane window

Audio has been released of the co-pilot that hijacked an Ethiopian Airlines flight telling air traffic control he will climb out of the plane's window once it has landed.

According to a police spokesman and Geneva airport CEO Robert Deillon, the co-pilot locked the cabin door when the pilot went to the toilet, and keyed a distress code for 'I just hijacked the aircraft' into the aircraft's transponder.

Claiming he wanted asylum in Switzerland, the unnamed co-pilot landed the plane in Geneva before gaving himself up to the police.

Audio courtesy of @matthewkeyslive.

Rope used by hijacking co-pilot seen out of cockpit

A rope which police said a co-pilot used to flee an Ethiopian Airlines plane he hijacked and landed at Geneva Airport in a bid for asylum has been seen dangling from the aircraft's cockpit.

The unnamed co-pilot, an Ethiopian born in 1983, asked to refuel at Geneva before landing and gave himself up to police after escaping the plane.

The co-pilot is said to have used the rope to leave the cockpit after diverting the Ethiopian Airlines plane bound for Rome. Credit: Reuters/Denis Balibouse
A police spokesman said the unnamed co-pilot sought asylum in Switzerland due to fear of persecution in his native Ethiopia. Credit: Reuters/Denis Balibouse
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