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IDS: May has 'refused' to ban Le Pen from visiting UK

Iain Duncan Smith will be on The Agenda tonight Credit: The Agenda/ ITV

Iain Duncan Smith has claimed that Home Secretary Theresa May has "refused" to ban the French far-right leader Marine Le Pen from visiting the UK to campaign for the EU referendum Leave campaign.

The former Work and Pensions Secretary voiced concerns that the Front National figurehead would "toxify" the debate if her UK visit went ahead and that she would only be joining the debate in the hope of stirring demands for an in/out referendum in France.

Speaking on ITV's The Agenda tonight he will accuse May of blocking requests to impose a ban.

He will say: "We've asked for her to be banned but the Home Secretary has refused to do it.

"She won't do it. I want her banned, I don't want her over because I think she will toxify the debate. She (Mrs May) can't ban her because of the European Union rules. She said she can't do it."

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Brits 'could need' EU travel visa's post-Brexit, suggests Leave campaign

Suggestion more border checks could be put in place in the event of a Brexit Credit: Steve Parsons/PA

Leading Leave campaigner, and current Justice Minister, Dominic Raab has indicated Britons could need visas to travel to the continent in the event of a Brexit.

Raab said the possibility could not be ruled out if Britain wanted more secure borders and insisted the issue would be a matter for post-withdrawal negotiations with the EU.

Speaking to the Sunday Politics show he said: "I think we'd have to look at that as part of the negotiations in detail. But I think, look, at the moment President (Barack) Obama's administration ... is looking at new visa requirements and screening from Germany, Belgium, Greece, France, because of the recent terrorist attacks. I think we should at least have the power and the control to do that and make sure we keep Britain safe."

Pressed if this would mean British citizens would need visas to go to France, or Germany, Raab said: "Or some other kind of check."

'Leave campaigners can't claim Obama has no right to speak'

Leave campaigners "can't claim" they want a closer relationship with the US and then say that President Obama has "no right to speak" about the EU referendum, according to Labour MP Alan Johnson.

ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship tweeted:

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