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Nigel Farage: 'Vote Leave excluding me from campaign'

Ukip leader Nigel Farage will go head-to-head with David Cameron on June 7 Credit: PA

Vote Leave are trying to "exclude" Nigel Farage from their EU referendum campaign, Ukip claims.

The Ukip leader is set to go head-to-head with Prime Minister David Cameron in the first in-out debate live on ITV on June 7 - but this is being threatened with legal action by Vote Leave.

A Ukip spokesperson described this as an attempt at "excluding" Mr Farage from their campaign.

"It is deeply disappointing that rather than rallying behind Nigel Farage for what will be the biggest one-on-one debate of the referendum campaign, Vote Leave are instead threatening court action to stop Nigel from taking on the Prime Minister", the spokesperson said.

The statement added: "This referendum is bigger than the Conservative Party and bigger than party politics.

"It is about the very future of our country and this ITV debate will reflect that.

"All on the Leave side must put their egos to one side and support Nigel as he prepares to take on the Prime Minister in what will undoubtedly be the defining moment of the referendum campaign".



EU Referendum: Labour launches Remain battlebus

Jeremy Corbyn has launched Labour's 'Remain' in the EU campaign.

Jeremy Corbyn launches Labour's 'In for Britain' battlebus

Revealing a Labour 'In for Britain' battlebus, the Labour leader said the party's campaign will be to remain but would also be "setting out a stall of what we want in the future".

We want to protect the workers' rights we have achieved, the paid holiday and the anti-discrimination issues.

We want to stand up for the rights of people all across this continent on a human rights agenda.

And above all, we want to defend the environment across Europe.

– Jeremy Corbyn
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