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UK ticket-holder claims £24m Euromillions jackpot

A UK ticket-holder has come forward to claim a £24 million EuroMillions jackpot Credit: PA

A claim has been made for a £24 million EuroMillions jackpot which was won by a UK ticket-holder on Friday, Camelot has said.

It has yet to be validated, could see the unknown ticket-holder receive the money as soon as Monday.

The winning numbers were 31, 49, 28, 20, 03 with Lucky Stars 05, 02.

The claim, which needs to be validated, could see the unknown ticket-holder receive the money as early as Monday.

It is not yet known whether the prize was won individually or as part of a syndicate, or where the ticket was purchased.

"After an unprecedented nine UK EuroMillions winners in 2015, it looks like the luck has rolled over into 2016", a National Lottery spokesman said.

This follows last month when Lotto created its biggest ever winners and the record-breaking number of Lotto millionaires made since October, a stunning 83. What a time to be a National Lottery player in the UK.

We are delighted the latest big EuroMillions winner has come forward to claim their prize and of course the Champagne is on ice ready to welcome them into the National Lottery millionaires' club.

– National Lottery spokesman

Lottery millionaire couple strike it lucky again

A couple have beaten odds of 283 billion to one to win £1 million twice through the lottery's EuroMillions.

David and Kathleen Long spoke to ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn about their Midas touch.


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Couple 'can't believe' second lottery win

A UK couple who have won £1 million in the EuroMillions for the second time "just can't believe it".

David and Kathleen Long from Scunthorpe when they won their first £1 million in 2013

David and Kathleen Long from Scunthorpe, who won their first £1 million in 2013, scooped the big money prize again on Friday night, beating odds of more than 283 billion to one.

But Mr Long said he "just knew it would be my turn again some day" as the couple become the first people to win £1 million twice who have gone public.

The pair, then known as David Long and Kathleen MacKenzie, previously banked £1,000,000 in the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle draw on Friday July 26 2013.

Mr Long said: "I always knew I'd win, even the first time. I just had a feeling it was going to be me. I tend to play when I know there are lots of prizes on the go.

"Last time I knew I had a good chance because there were 100 prizes of £1 million. Last Friday night I was passing the local shop and saw there were 10 £1 million prizes on EuroMillions and a nice car and thought yeah I'll give that a go.

"Got to be worth a few lines and I got five using my usual numbers.

"On Saturday morning I sat down in front of our telly and started checking the numbers. On one line I'd matched two numbers and one star to get £7.20 and thought that's all right.

"Then I checked the raffle codes - something I've learnt to do automatically since winning last time. After a few moments I very calmly called Kath in and said 'Have a look at this. It's there. Look. Read that line'."

Mr Long said his wife checked the television and went online, adding: "Then she went up right close to our television on the wall, put on her glasses and stared really hard at the raffle numbers. It seemed ages and then she finally said: 'You said you'd do it again and you have!' Everything has been a blur ever since.

"It's definitely taking longer to sink in this time!"

Double lottery winners named as David and Kathleen Long

The couple who beat odds of 283 billion to one by winning £1 million twice in the lottery EuroMillions have been named as David and Kathleen Long.

The Scunthorpe blondes became millionaires in July 2013 before a repeat seven-figure jackpot win this year.

David and Kathleen Long with their two £1 million cheques. Credit: PA/Camelot/Tom Maddick
The couple celebrated scooping their first £1 million in July 2013. Credit: PA/Camelot
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Scunthorpe couple win the lottery for a second time

A couple from Scunthorpe have won £1 million in the EuroMillions for the second time - beating odds of more than 283 billion to one.

Credit: Press Association

The pair, who scooped the big money prize on Friday night, won their first £1 million within the last two years.

They are the first people to win £1 million twice who have gone public and are expected to reveal themselves later.

A UK ticketholder who won the £53 million EuroMillions jackpot is yet to claim the prize.

This is an extraordinary situation where somebody's been fortunate enough to win twice.

As you can imagine, we see winners who win once who are very, very shocked. It must be even more shocking to win twice.

– Camelot spokesman

UK win 'eighth biggest in National Lottery history'

A National Lottery spokesman said:

This Bank Holiday has turned out to be truly memorable for one UK winner, not only will they enjoy the extra day off but they'll now also be banking a multi-million-pound cheque.

This single UK ticket-holder will enter the exclusive top 10 on The National Lottery rich list - at number eight - and we've got the champagne on ice ready for the lucky winner to claim their prize.

As well as offering a chance to win life-changing prizes, EuroMillions continues to help raise over £33 million every week for National Lottery-funded projects across the UK.


£108m winner: They look at you like you can't afford it

Neil Trotter, the winner of Friday's £108 million EuroMillions jackpot, said he and his partner have been shopping for expensive items but have been treated "like they can't afford it" by some shop workers.

His partner Nicky Ottaway told of how she was dismissed by one assistant when looking at an £1,100 handbag.

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