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Farage dodges resignation question

Ukip's eurosceptic party leader Nigel Farage has dodged the question of whether or not he will resign if his party loses its bid to get Britain to leave the EU.

Farage, who said today that he will be focusing all his efforts on the upcoming in/out referendum, refused to answer the question when ITV spoke to him following his keynote speech at Ukip's annual party conference today.

He told ITV News: "Well no, we're going to win the referendum".


Farage: This is the moment to put country before party

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has told party members that "this is the moment to put country before party" as he added more fuel to his campaign to get the British public to opt out of the EU.

Addressing delegates at his party's annual political conference the staunch eurosceptic said Britain was facing a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to distance itself from European regulations and voters needed to consider what would be best for the country.

He said: "This is the moment to put country before party. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get back the independence and self-government of this nation.

"Our message is clear, we want our country back."

Poll: Two thirds of businesses want to stay in EU

The results of a new poll have shown almost two thirds of business people would vote to remain in the EU if a referendum on Britain's membership was held tomorrow.

According to the poll, carried out by the British Chambers of Commerce, the majority of those asked would vote to stay in the EU and only 27% would opt to leave.

would vote to stay in the EU
would opt to leave the EU
1 in 10
still undecided

The results of the poll were released as Nigel Farage claimed today that Britain has a 50/50 chance of leaving the EU.

Lynton Crosby turned down Ukip no campaign role

Lynton Crosby turned down a role with Ukip's no campaign Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA

Political strategist Lynton Crosby turned down the chance to help shape Ukip's '' no campaign, it has been revealed.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme millionaire donor Arron Banks said leaders of the campaign had lunch with the strategist and he said no to joining them.

He said: "He's the Prime Minister's advisor so I would be pretty surprised to see if he did join the campaign."

Banks, a main funder to Ukip's '' campaign, said campaign leaders had since gone to America to find a strategist.

Farage to launch Ukip conference with EU vote pledge

Nigel Farage will launch Ukip's annual conference on Friday by telling activists they must focus on securing Britain's exit from the EU in a planned referendum.

Nigel Farage believes winning the EU referendum is 'absolutely key'. Credit: PA

The party leader believes there is a 50/50 chance of Britain voting to leave the EU and is to pledge all his time to campaigning in the in/out referendum.

"I'm not deserting the party but winning the referendum is absolutely key and that's where our energies must go," he will tell the conference in Doncaster.

"Ukip is committed to leaving the EU, and we have always said that we would work with anybody who shared the same aim."

Ukip secured nearly four million votes in May's general election but only claimed one Westminster seat.


Austria begin spot checks on trains carrying migrants

Austrian police begin spot checks on trains to begin returning migrants who have applied for asylum elsewhere. Credit: Reuters

Austrian police have begun checking the hundreds of refugees who have boarded trains from Budapest bound for western Europe - and will return those who have already applied for asylum in Hungary.

The remaining migrants will be given two weeks to apply for asylum in Austria or be returned to their last transit country.

Trains are being stopped at Hegyeshalom on the border with Hungary, with police confirming that no Vienna bound services have left the station as yet.

EU ministers to hold extraordinary meeting on migrant crisis

European Union ministers have been called to an extraordinary EU meeting on Sept. 14 to discuss a huge surge in irregular immigration, as European leaders struggle to define a coherent response to the crisis.

Luxembourg, which holds the rotating EU presidency and called the meeting, said in a statement:

The situation of migration phenomena outside and inside the European Union has recently taken unprecedented proportions.

In order to assess the situation on the ground, the political actions under way and to discuss the next steps in order to strengthen the European response, the Luxembourg Minister for Immigration and Asylum Jean Asselborn decided to convene an extraordinary Justice and Home Affairs Council.

– Statement announcing the meeting

The meeting will reportedly be focused on return policy, international cooperation, and investigation and measures to prevent human trafficking.

Earlier today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged other European Union countries to accept a greater share of the refugees, as her government struggles to cope with an expected record 800,000 arrivals this year.

May calls for urgent EU action to tackle migration crisis

Theresa May and her German and French counterparts call for emergency meeting to address the migrant crisis in Europe. Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA

Urgent steps must be taken by the European Union to address the growing migration crisis, Theresa May said in a joint call with Germany and France for an emergency meeting of ministers within two weeks.

The Home Secretary said the EU's "broken" system had exacerbated the issue - and called for concrete proposals, such as reception centres to register and fingerprint new arrivals and an agreed list of "safe" countries to speed up asylum decisions, to be drawn up.

The events of this summer have shown that the most tragic consequences of a broken European migration system have been borne by those at risk of exploitation.

And the greatest beneficiaries have been the callous gangs who sell false dreams and trade on the free borders within the EU.

As countries in Europe are increasingly realising, these tragedies have been exacerbated by the European system of no borders, the Schengen area, in which the UK has never taken part.

– Theresa May, writing in the Sunday Times

The discussions with her French and German counterparts took place during a summit in Paris on Saturday discussing rail security measures in the wake of the gun attack on a French train.

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