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Remain in EU, says National Farmers' Union

Credit: Reuters

The National Farmers' Union (NFU) has voted that farmers' interests are best served by remaining in the EU.

A resolution passed by the organisation's council said the decision was made "on the balance of existing evidence available to us at present".

Meurig Raymond, president of the NFU, said a survey of members suggests 20% support Brexit, while 35% to 50% support remaining within the EU. The rest have not made up their minds.

The NFU, which represents farmers across England and Wales, said it would not tell its 55,000 members how to vote in the June 23 referendum, and will not be actively campaigning.


Pro-Brexit MPs warn Barack Obama to stay out of EU debate

The White House has said that the US hopes Britain remains in the EU. Credit: Reuters

Barack Obama has been warned against intervening in the EU debate by pro-Brexit MPs ahead of his visit to Britain next month.

In an open letter the cross-party group said it would be an "unfortunate milestone" at the end of the US president's time in office should he enter the debate with even a "passive diplomatic recommendation".

Labour backbencher Kate Hoey said the letter aims to caution Mr Obama that "feelings will run high" if he expresses a side in the debate.

"We would certainly never think of visiting the United States and telling the US public how to vote in an election or the amendment of their constitution."

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