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Standard: Would be 'unjust' to drop Saatchi's column

The London Evening Standard has said it will not drop Charles Saatchi's column, despite the art critic accepting a caution for assaulting his wife, Nigella Lawson. His column, on photography, is in today's edition.

In its leader column, the paper says:

While this newspaper abhors violence against women, we do not see condemnation of an assault as a reason to intrude into the complexities of a couple’s marriage.

Some people have called for us to drop Mr Saatchi’s regular column on photography, which appears today in the newspaper.

Our view is that the police decided a caution was a proper response to the offence. It is overstepping our jurisdiction to go further.

Should a person who has accepted a caution be barred from writing about art? Should the Saatchi Gallery be closed? Should he face total ruin?

We decline to go beyond what the law considers appropriate.

We believe that Mr Saatchi’s column is not relevant in its subject matter to recent events — and that it would be irrational and unjust to drop it just because it has been a wretched week for this marriage.