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FA withdraws support for Michel Platini's bid for Fifa presidency

The Football Association has withdrawn its support for Michel Platini's bid for Fifa president while ethics proceedings against him take place.

In a statement, the FA said while it wishes Mr Platini every success in fighting the charges against him and clearing his name, it has learnt "more information relating to the issues at the centre of this case from Mr Platini’s lawyers", which it says it cannot make public. It is this new information that has led the FA to withdraw its support.

As a result of learning this information, The FA Board has on Friday morning concluded that it must suspend its support for Mr Platini's candidature for the FIFA Presidency until the legal process has been concluded and the position is clear.

– FA statement


Uefa to decide whether to back banned president Platini

European football authority Uefa will decide whether to continue backing its President Michel Platini on Thursday, as its member nations meet in the wake of his suspension from football.

Uefa will meet today to discuss a plan of action after Michel Platini's ban. Credit: Reuters

The former captain of the French national team was handed the 90-day ban alongside Fifa President Sepp Blatter and several other senior figures as the global football body investigates allegations of high-level corruption.

Platini - who has led Uefa unchallenged for eight years - has appealed the suspension imposed by Fifa's ethics committee last week, described it as "farcical" and the allegations against him "astonishingly vague".

Two weeks earlier, Switzerland's attorney general's office initiated criminal proceedings against Blatter in relation to a £1.4 million payment from Fifa to Platini in 2011 - nine years after the Frenchman completed a spell working for the Fifa President as an adviser.

Uefa initially said its executive committee stood "fully behind" Platini despite the ban, but its 54 member associations will now discuss the body's next move at the summit in Geneva.

One possible course of action could be to push for a postponement of Fifa's Presidential elections, for which Platini handed his nomination papers hours before receiving the ban.

Currently scheduled for 26 February, a delay could potentially give Platini the opportunity to prove his innocence before campaigning begins in earnest.

Uefa: No official duties for Platini after Fifa suspension

Michel Platini will step aside from his official duties after he was suspended for 90 days by FIFA's ethics committee on Thursday, UEFA confirmed.

In a statement, European football's governing body said: "Michel Platini is currently suspended and will therefore not perform his officials duties for the time being. As such he did not attend the meeting of the UEFA executive committee today and has cancelled several official trips.

"UEFA is fully aware of its responsibilities under the relevant provisions of the statutes."


Platini pledges 'staunch defiance' of Fifa suspension

Michel Platini has promised to "staunchly" defend himself against claims of wrongdoing after he was suspended by Fifa for 90 days.

Michel Platini described the events as 'farcical' Credit: PA Wire

The 60-year-old president of Uefa branded the allegations "farcical" and "astonishingly vague", vowing to ensure that his "good faith prevails".

However, in his statement Platini conceded he did not believe the actions by Fifa's ethics committee to be politically motivated because of his candidature for the Fifa presidency.

Despite the farcical nature of these events, I refuse to believe that this is a political decision taken in haste in order to taint a lifelong devotee of the game or crush my candidacy for the FIFA presidency.

I want everyone to know my state of mind: more than a sense of injustice or a desire for revenge, I am driven by a profound feeling of staunch defiance. I am more determined than ever to defend myself before the relevant judicial bodies.

I want to reiterate in the strongest possible terms that I will devote myself to ensuring that my good faith prevails.

– Michel Platini statement

Dyke: A 'sad day' for football as Blatter suspended

Greg Dyke has expressed sadness that corruption has dominated football in the wake of Sepp Blatter's suspension from Fifa.

"I think it was inevitable that Sepp Blatter would be suspended for something but It's a sad day for football that corruption dominates the headlines yet again," Greg Dyke told ITV News.

Dyke added he thought there would be many people pleased at the "final demise" of Blatter and thought it was "pretty obvious" that he would not survive the scandal.

"From the moment when the FBI got involved and knocked on all those doors, I think it was the beginning of the end for Sepp Blatter."

Regarding Michel Platini, Dyke said that if there was any evidence that showed Uefa's boss had committed wrongdoing, then the FA would not support his candidature for Fifa president.

UEFA gives full backing to Michel Platini

European football's governing body UEFA has expressed its "full confidence" in Michael Platini.

Credit: Reuters

UEFA's president has been suspended from all footballing activities for 90 days by Fifa as investigations into financial wrongdoings continue.

However, in a statement UEFA said it "saw no reason" for Platini to be replaced at the top of the Association and would "stand fully" beghind him.

In light of the events occurring today regarding UEFA President Michel Platini, the UEFA Executive Committee has taken the following decisions on 8 October.

An Emergency meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee will be convened in Nyon on Thursday, 15 October; in addition, all 54 member associations of UEFA will meet at UEFA Headquarters on the same day.

The UEFA Executive Committee saw no need, at this moment in time, to invoke Article 29(5) of the UEFA Statutes, pursuant to which the highest-ranking Vice-President of UEFA may step in to assume the powers and duties of the President in his absence.

This is because the UEFA Executive Committee is aware that the UEFA President will immediately take all necessary steps to appeal the decision of the FIFA Ethics Committee to clear his name. Furthermore, the UEFA Executive Committee stated that there must be a very rapid final decision on this matter before the relevant bodies, in the interests of both justice and football.

Finally, the UEFA Executive Committee expressed its full confidence in UEFA President, Michel Platini, and stands fully behind him.

– UEFA statement
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