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Dedicated Thatcher admirers wait to pay respects

Margaret Kittle, 79, said she travelled from Canada for the funeral as soon as she heard of Lady Thatcher's death, taking up her position outside St Paul's Cathedral at 8am yesterday.

It was a cold night, the damp goes through you but I always said I would come to the UK for Margaret Thatcher's funeral because I respect her.

I think she did a lot for the world. We will never see the likes of Mrs Thatcher again.

John Loughrey, 58, arrived at St Paul's shortly after Mrs Kittle yesterday morning.

I came in respect of Lady Thatcher. She came to power in a man's world and she won. Everything she fought for, she won.

She was a great politician. We were living in the dark and she brought us back to the light. She put the 'great' back in Great Britain.

She was very strong minded and she knew how to work. We will be talking about her for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

PM: Ceremonial funeral a 'fitting tribute' to Thatcher

Prime Minister David Cameron with Margaret Thatcher in 2010.

Baroness Thatcher's ceremonial funeral is a "fitting tribute" to a major national figure, David Cameron said.

Mr Cameron told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "I think it will be quite a sombre event but it is a fitting tribute to a great prime minister, respected around the world.

"I think other countries in the world would think Britain had got it completely wrong if we didn't mark this in a proper way."

The Prime Minister urged the Iron Lady's political opponents to show "respect" during the event, even though they may have disagreed with her policies.

MPs 'honoured' to attend Thatcher's funeral

MPs pay tribute to 'inspirational' Thatcher


Labour: Military element to funeral is 'unattractive'

Labour peer, Baroness Helena Kennedy told Daybreak that she found the military element to Margaret Thatcher's funeral "unattractive", she said she would have preferred a much smaller affair.

"This kind of public ritual is in some ways replacing other things that have been lost and in some ways I think that is what this is about", she added.

Margaret Thatcher's funeral in numbers

  • Over 2,300 guests have so far confirmed they will attend the service at St Paul's Cathedral
  • 32 current Cabinet-level ministers are set to be there, and more than 30 from Lady Thatcher's Cabinets between 1979 and 1990
  • There will be over 50 guests associated with the Falklands, including veterans
  • Two heads of state, 11 serving prime ministers and 17 serving foreign ministers will attend
  • Around 170 countries will be represented by dignitaries such as members of Royal Families, politicians, and senior diplomats
  • Eight horses from the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery will be appearing in the procession - the lead horse is named 'Mister Twister'
  • More than 4,000 police will be on duty in London for the funeral
  • Over 1,800 media have been accredited for the funeral events

(Source: Downing Street)

Ex-Met commander reassures public funeral will be safe

Former Met police commander Bob Milton told Daybreak that it would be highly unlikely someone would attempt a terrorist attack on Margaret Thatcher's funeral today.

More than four thousand police officers have been drafted in for the funeral, amid fears of demonstrations and protests.

The measures that we can put in place will make it very difficult for someone to try and disrupt this funeral today and attack the funeral, and that's important for the public to understand.

– Bob Milton, former Met police commander
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