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Parents 'numb' at daughter's death

The parents of PC Fiona Bone, who was killed alongside her colleague PC Nicola Hughes on Tuesday, said they felt "numb" when they heard the news and described their daughter as "calm, collected and hugely adventurous" who "always wanted to go where the action was".

PC Fiona Bone. Credit: GMP

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Paul Bone and his wife, June, admitted that they had not slept at all since the death of their daughter.

"We’re shocked, just numb," Mr Bone said.

He added: "We heard on the news that two police officers had been shot and within three minutes two policemen were at the door. That’s when we heard – at 1.03pm."

"She was calm and collected, nice to be around. We will miss her so much."


Family 'exceedingly proud' of Nicola Hughes

Nicola Hughes as a bridesmaid at the wedding of her father and step-mother Credit: Facebook

The family of PC Nicola Hughes has released a statement saying: "Nicola always wanted to make a difference and, in doing so, she made such a big difference to everyone she knew.

"She cared about everyone and especially her colleagues.

"Nicola was only 23 years old and had the whole of her life in front of her.

"We cannot express how we feel today except to say we have always been exceedingly proud of Nicola and always will be.

"She knew she was loved by us all and we shall all miss her dreadfully."


GMP: 'We are not confident that we have recovered all the grenades'

Sir Peter Fahy today said that the Greater Manchester Police were still searching for more grenades after the gun and grenade attack which killed two police officers.

He said: "We are not confident that we have recovered all the grenades. We don't know for certain, we've made it clear to our officers that the threat is still there."

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