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Return to scene of infamous Gallipoli battle 100 years on

A century ago tonight, allied soldiers lay in wait off the Turkish coast.

In the dead of night they moved towards Anzac Cove. By sunrise, landfights were underway in Gallipoli.

The campaign was ultimately doomed, costing 60,000 allied lives, more than half of them British.

ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers travelled to Turkey to meet two descendants of men who fought there.



Britain's First World War debt to be repaid in full

Britain's First World War debt is to be repaid in full, George Osborne has announced.

The Government will redeem the £1.9 billion of debt from the outstanding 3.5% War Loan - which was issued in 1932 to reduce the costs of servicing the national debt - in March 2015.

Britain is to pay off the debt it incurred in the First World War. Credit: PA Wire

Chancellor George Osborne said it was a "moment for Britain to be proud of", adding: "We can, at last, pay off the debts Britain incurred to fight the First World War.

"It is a sign of our fiscal credibility and it’s a good deal for this generation of taxpayers.

"It’s also another fitting way to remember that extraordinary sacrifice of the past."

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