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Working with nature keeps town safe from floods

Despite weeks of heavy rain that inundated the surrounding areas, the town of Pickering in North Yorkshire stayed safe from the floods simply by working with rather than against nature.

Pickering flooded in 2007 but couldn't get funding for a flood barrier. Instead a smaller, and cheaper reservoir to store water and let it out slowly was built further up Pickering beck.

In addition, 167 small, leaky dams were built out of logs and branches and trees were planted.

ITV News Science Correspondent Alok Jha reports:


Villagers caught off guard by violent flash flood

Residents of the village of Kempsey in Worcestershire were caught off guard by a flash flood in the early hours of Sunday morning.

As ITV News' Midlands Correspondent Rupert Evelyn explains, the village had recently celebrated the installation of flood defences on the nearby River Severn.

Dan Spiers and his family had to be rescued by the Fire Service in a boat. He told ITV News that his son was woken up to find water in his bedroom.