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Children hurt as bouncy castle is swept up by tornado

Several children have been hurt when the bouncy castle they were playing in on a Florida beach was swept into the air by a waterspout that turned into a tornado.

The three young children were hospitalised after they span 20 feet into the air before being thrown onto the ground on Fort Lauderdale beach.

The incident was captured by onlooker Brandon Burchett:

"I was thinking I was about to die," said 5-year old Shadaja Bryant, who was left with a broken arm after the violent ride. "I was in the bounce house and then it flew while I was in there, then I fell in the dirt."

The children have been left with relatively minor injuries, and are expected to recover fully.


Florida teens set up Instagram account for child abuse pictures

Credit: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

Three young teenagers created a social media account to solicit and post explicit photographs of other children, it has emerged.

Florida police said the Instagram account - with more than 500 followers - led detectives to charge the 12 and 15-year-old boys and the 13-year-old girl with electronic transmission of sexually-explicit child abuse.They said the trio were posting photos of naked Broward County children to the account and then encouraging their followers to do the same.

The postings included the victims' names and other personal information. Police, who began investigating the Instagram account in December, say followers harassed victims by posting insulting comments.

It was not immediately clear how the trio obtained the photos.

Irish tourist killed by hit-and-run driver in Florida

An Irish tourist has been killed in a hit-and-run car accident in south Florida.

Broward Sheriff's officials said the victim was crossing the street before dawn yesterday after leaving a bar with friends and was hit by a BMW that did not stop.

A friend of driver Richard Jennings saw the damaged BMW and called authorities. Jennings was later found and police charged him with leaving the scene of an accident causing death.

Authorities have not identified the victim and are still notifying next of kin.

Two-year-old boy kills himself with father's gun

A toddler has died after finding his father's handgun in the family's car and shooting himself, officials in the US state of Florida confirmed.

Tarpon Springs in Florida. Credit: Google Maps

The boy opened the glove compartment, where his father kept the gun, before turning it to face his chest and squeezing the trigger, the Tampa Bay Times reported. He was taken to a hospital, but was pronounced dead.

"He probably barely got the trigger pulled," said Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. He described the gun as a lightweight weapon usually carried in a pocket or on a hip.

Mr Gualtieri called the incident a "tragic situation".

The sheriff said the parents will not face criminal charges - no-one could punish them more than they will punish themselves, he said.

"A great little kid was killed today," the child's grandfather a retired police detective also called Kevin Ahles said.

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