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Prince Ali: A chance for a fresh start to win back trust

Fifa presidential candidate Prince Ali Bin al Hussein has said today's election is a chance for a fresh start to win back trust.

Prince Ali Bin al Hussein addresses delegates. Credit: RTV

"The eyes of the world are upon us, and not for the first time, and this time everything is at stake," Prince Ali said.

"No blame can be passed that washes away the stain that marks us all."

Prince Ali: We stand here today at a crossroads

Fifa presidential candidate Prince Ali Bin al Hussein has told delegates, "We stand here today at a crossroads for football."

"Change is not an event, it is a process," he said. "Today is about taking the first step towards the process of change".

Credit: Fifa TV

"Today is about honouring the trust that is in each and everyone of us," Prince Ali said as he addressed the crowd ahead of the presidential vote.

"I would be proud to take responsibility for fixing our governing body."


Fifa officials 'could be extradited to US within months'

The seven senior Fifa officials arrested in Zurich could be extradited within a matter of months, Swiss legal experts said.

All the men, from the Latin American and Caribbean region, are contesting extradition to face corruption charges.

But Zurich-based lawyer Peter Cosandey told Reuters: "From the time of arrest to the final enforceable decision, it would easily take two months [for extradition], a few months, if there are not too many complex legal issues. Not years."


Blatter arrives at Fifa meeting with cuddly meerkat

We may have broken the lid on a secret friendship between Fifa president Sepp Blatter and a wealthy, high-profile Russian.

Blatter's cuddly meerkat remained in the car as he arrived in Zurich.

Football's under-fire chief arrived for the opening of another Fifa Congress this morning with the cuddly meerkat - pictured above in his car - who bears a striking resemblance to fictional Compare the Meerkat star, Aleksandr.

Blatter may need some comforting from the cuddly toy later this afternoon if he's denied another term at the helm of football's world governing body.

He faces a strong challenge from Prince Ali Bin al Hussein, the third son of the King of Jordan and a former special forces commander.

Blatter has come under increased pressure to resign since seven top Fifa officials were arrested in Zurich on Wednesday in relation to corruption charges.

Follow the latest developments from Zurich here.

Former Fifa VP Jack Warner accuses US of 'witchhunt'

Former Fifa vice president Jack Warner has accused America of staging a 'witchhunt' over possible corruption within the football organisation.

He told a press conference in Trinidad: "Have you ever asked yourself that Michael Garcia, the person who did this investigation, is American.

"The country that bid for the world cup and failed is American. They are the ones who are angry. It is a witchhunt, so to speak."

Warner said the US authorities had indicted him on corruption charges despite never asking him a question. "It just can't make sense", he added.

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