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Lancashire County Councillors reject fracking plans

Fracking work at the Little Plumpton site Credit: Peter Byrne / PA Wire

County councillors have rejected plans to frack for shale gas in Lancashire, according to reports.

Energy firm Cuadrilla wanted to undertake exploratory drilling and fracking at a site in Little Plumpton, between Preston and Blackpool.

Planning officials recommended approval of the operation subject to a number of conditions but the council's development control committee have rejected the advice and voted against it by 10 to four.

Members of the public stood up and applauded the decision as the motion was passed.

The Government has said it is going "all out for shale", and claims it the controversial procedure would create jobs and growth, as well as reducing energy prices and cutting the country's reliance on gas imports.

However opponents insist that the process, which pumps water underground to release gas trapped in shale rock, causes earthquakes, can pollute water supplies, and could lead to inappropriate development in the countryside.

Lancashire fracking planning decision 'disappointing'

Environmental organisation Friends of the Earth has said it is "disappointed" that planning officers have recommended fracking proposals for a site in Lancashire to be approved.

Planning officers have not recognised the unacceptable impact that Cuadrilla's plans to frack at Preston New Road would have on local people, climate change and the environment.

The council must now listen to the tens of thousands of people who have objected to fracking at both sites, and the strong evidence put before them, and reject both of Cuadrilla's proposals to frack.

Rejecting Cuadrilla's plans is the only way to stop Lancashire's communities and environment being made the UK's guinea pig for risky and polluting fracking.

– Furqan Naeem, from Friends of the Earth

Planners give go-ahead to fracking at Lancashire site

Proposals for fracking for shale gas at a site in Lancashire should be approved, planning officers have recommended.

Lancashire County Council published reports with recommendations on planning applications from shale company Cuadrilla to develop two new sites between Preston and Blackpool to explore for shale gas by drilling, fracking and testing the flow of gas.

Planning officers have recommended that fracking should take place at one site, subject to strict conditions. Credit: PA Wire

The application for a site at Preston New Road near Little Plumpton has been recommended to be passed, subject to a lengthy number of conditions being met, the council said.

But planning officials said an application for a similar site at Roseacre Wood should be turned down because of an increase in traffic.

The council's development control committee is due to make decisions on the planning applications next week.

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