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Nuclear workers vote to strike over French labour reform

Nuclear workers have voted to down tools over labour reforms. Credit: Reuters

Workers at 19 French nuclear plants have voted to go on strike on Thursday as part of protests over labour reform that has caused fuel shortages across the country.

The strikes are unlikely to provoke blackouts due to legal limits on industrial action in the nuclear industry and France's ability to import power from neighbouring countries, industry experts told Reuters.

Approximately 43% of petrol stations are partially or completely without fuel after CGT blockades at oil depots around the country.


French government claim fuel reserves sufficient

Picketers at a blockade at a fuel depot near Donges, France. Credit: Reuters

French ministers said that strategic fuel reserves are large enough to last more than three months.

On Wednesday, President Francois Hollande's government mobilised strategic oil stocks for the first time in six years.

More than 4,300 petrol stations across France, approximately 42% of the total, are partially or completely without fuel due to the blockades which began on Monday.


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