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French government issues warning of attack in Paris

The French government has issued a warning about an attack in a church in central Paris.

Police warned people to stay away from the area as a security operation was underway.

They have now stated on Twitter that the operation has finished and there is "no danger".

Man to be extradited to face people smuggling charges

The hearing was held at Westminster Magistrates' Court. Credit: PA

A British-Iraqi man accused of being the head of a criminal organisation that smuggled people into the UK is to be extradited to France.

Rekawt Kayani, 34, is wanted to face trafficking charges which could see him jailed for 10 years.

The charges include facilitating the entry of migrants and conspiracy to commit the same.

At a previous hearing the court heard how the European arrest warrant claims Kayani is the head of a trafficking organisation, specifically an Iraqi Kurdish network, which facilitated movement to Britain from its base camp in Grande-Synthe close to Dunkirk.

He was apprehended on a European arrest warrant at his home in the Normanton area of Derby in May.

District Judge Vanessa Baraitser told the hearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court she rejected three issues raised by his defence.

In her judgement she said: "In light of the serious nature of the allegations, I have taken the view that extradition would not be disproportionate."

Boy of 15 arrested over 'imminent terror plot' in France

The teenager is alleged to have been planning a 'violent' attack in Paris Credit: Reuters

A boy of 15 has been arrested in Paris on suspicion of preparing an imminent terrorist attack, French judicial sources have said.

It comes only a week after French police said they had foiled another terrorist plot to attack a train station by three women who were said to have been directed by so-called Islamic State.

The teenage boy, who has not been named, is said to have been planing an attack in a public place in the French capital, one of the legal sources said.

He is also alleged to have been in contact with an Islamist fighter in Syria alleged to have helped guide one of the women in the earlier terror plot, according to the second source.


French police find car with gas cylinders near Notre Dame

A car belonging to someone on the French intelligence services watchlist was found with several gas cylinders near the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris on Saturday, police said.

The owner was taken into custody but later released, a judicial official said.

A couple, aged 34 and 29, were arrested at a motorway lay-by on Tuesday in southern France in connection with the incident, and they both remain in custody.

The Notre Dame cathedral in Paris Credit: Google Streetview

An official said the Peugeot 607's hazard lights were flashing when it was found, and that it contained seven gas cylinders, one of which was empty and placed on the front passenger seat.

There was no detonating device present.

Closing 'Jungle' camp 'won't make any difference'

French lorry drivers have ended their 'go-slow' in Calais. Credit: PA Wire

Closing the 'Jungle' camp in Calais is unlikely to make any difference - as it will simply move elsewhere.

Reporting from Calais, ITV News' Dan Rivers said it will not address the problem of thousands of people in the French port wanting to get to Britain.

The French government have promised the camp will be demolished following protests by lorry drivers.

There are no details as to it will be dismantled and there are, as yet, no plans as to what will happen to the 10,000 inhabitants of the camp.

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