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Germanwings pilot 'accelerated repeatedly'

A second black box recovered from the Germanwings crash site yesterday has revealed that copilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately increased the plane's speed several times in the minutes before the crash.

Investigators believe once the pilot was locked out of the cockpit Lubitz accelerated repeatedly as he set the plane to automatic and began its final descent.

ITV News correspondent Richard Pallot has the latest report:

Second black box also suggests Alps crash was deliberate

France BEA's aviation investigators said a second black box recovered from the Germanwings crash site indicated that the copilot deliberately crashed the airplane.

"A first reading shows that the pilot in the cockpit used the automatic pilot to put the airplane on a descent towards an altitude of 100 feet," the BEA investigation office said in a statement.

"Then several times the pilot modified the automatic pilot settings to increase the speed of the airplane as it descended," it added.

Audio evidence from the first black box appeared to suggest that the captain was deliberately locked out of the cockpit by the co-pilot, who then deliberately took the plane into a descent.


Survivors sue French media for revealing hiding place in deli attack

Six people who hid themselves in a fridge during an attack on a Jewish supermarket in Paris are to sue French media for broadcasting their location during the attack, reports Agence France-Presse.

Bullet holes on the window at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket where four Jewish men were killed. Credit: Reuters

Images broadcast from the scene on 9th January, "lacked the most basic precautions" and endangered those still alive inside, said a lawyer representing the group, Patrick Klugman.

Gunman Amedy Coulibaly stormed into the Hyper Cacher Jewish supermarket killing four and taking others hostage during the attack which followed the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Klugman specifically mentioned news channel BFMTV, which revealed live on air that the group, which included two children, was hiding from Coulibaly in the cold room.

'Reasonable hope' second Germanwings black box can be useful

The French prosecutor has said there is "reasonable hope" that the second black box recovered from the wreckage of the crashed Germanwings plane can be useful, despite the damage it suffered.

Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin added that 150 sets of DNA had been found at the crash site in the Alps - the same number people on board the Airbus, which came down last week, though he stressed that did not necessarily mean all the victims had been found.

Families will be informed every time a DNA is matched to a victim, he said.

Co-pilot's computer shows searches for methods of suicide

A computer taken from the Germanwings co-pilot's home shows searches for methods of committing suicide were made in the days leading up to the crash, according to the German state prosecutors' office.

Andreas Lubitz's computer also showed searches on cockpit doors and their safety precautions.


Recovery of bodies from Germanwings crash site complete

The final human remains from the wreckage of the Germanwings plane crash have been recovered today, according to reports.

French emergency rescue services worked among debris of the Germanwings passenger jet at the crash site near Seyne-les-Alpes, France, to recover passenger remains Credit: AP Photo/Yves Malenfer, Ministere de l'Interieur

The Associated Press reported that Lieutenant Colonel Jean-Marc Menichini, who has been involved in the recovery operation, had confirmed "there are no longer any visible remains" at the crash site.

Forensic experts will now begin the task of trying to match the remains with DNA profiles from the 150 people killed in the crash.

Three killed in French Alps avalanche

Three people have been killed in an avalanche in the French Alps, according to reports.

Officials confirmed that two Austrians and an Italian had died in the snow slide in the Ecrins massif, near the town of Briancon.

A fourth tourist was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Grenoble with unspecified injuries following the mid-afternoon avalanche, and seven other skiers remain 'holed up' in a refuge building nearby.

The avalanche happened at the Ecrins massif, near the town of Briancon Credit: Google Maps

'You can hear screaming' in final Germanwings recording

A French journalist has spoken tonight of how he has seen a recording of the final moments of the fatal Germanwings flight that crashed in the Alps.

Olivier Royant, editor of Paris Match magazine, described "people screaming" in different languages in the video, apparently contained on a SIM card recovered from the wreckage of the plane.

ITV News' Paul Davies reports:

Terror of victims on Germanwings flight 'caught on camera'

A 15-second mobile phone video reportedly captured by one of the passengers killed in the Germanwings plane crash in the Alps reveals the last moments of terror for those on board.

Olivier Royant, editor of Paris Match magazine, is among those who have seen the clip, apparently contained on a SIM card recovered from the wreckage of the plane.

Dismissing claims that it is a fake, Mr Royant told ITV News the clip appears to confirm details released from the cockpit voice recorder - and said it is clear the passengers knew something was wrong.

He described how metallic banging can be heard on the clip - presumably the captain of the plane's attempts to break back in to the cockpit after being locked out by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz.

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