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Marine Le Pen: 'Trump election part of new world order'

Marine Le Pen is happy about Donald Trump's election Credit: Andrew Marr Show/BBC

Far right French leader Marine Le Pen has described Donald Trump's election as part of a new world order.

The National Front chief said she hoped the Republican's ascendancy to the White House would help propel her own party to victory in the French elections next spring.

Le Pen told the Andrew Marr show Trump's win last week was an "additional stone in the building of a new world destined to replace the old one". She added that the result, coupled with Britain's decision to leave the EU, were "essentially referendums against the unfettered globalisation" in Europe.

Le Pen said she hoped France would "upend the table" in the spring and follow suit.


Hollande: Trump victory 'opens a period of uncertainty'

Credit: PA

French President Francois Hollande said Donald Trump's victory in the US election “opens a period of uncertainty”.

In a televised address, Mr Hollande offered brief congratulations to the Republican billionaire, before stressing France's global role and the importance of the United States as a key business partner.

Mr Hollande said: "Certain positions taken by Donald Trump during the American campaign must be confronted with the values and interests we share with the United States.

"What is at stake is peace, the fight against terrorism, the situation in the Middle East. It is economic relations and the preservation of the planet."

Mr Hollande has been an outspoken critic of Mr Trump and in October had predicted a victory for Hillary Clinton. In the wake of a feud between the incoming US president and the Muslim parents of a slain US soldier in August, the Socialist French president told journalists that “his excesses make you want to retch.”

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