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France: Troops shoot at car that 'attempted to ram mosque'

File Photo: Security across France is tight following last year's Paris attacks. Credit: Reuters

A solider and a passerby have been slightly injured after a man tried to run his car into troops protecting a mosque in Southern France.

The driver of the car was wounded when the soldiers shot at him, mayor Nicolas Daragon told the iTELE newschannel.

It's thought the passerby was hit by a stray bullet shot by the troops.

The man was taken to hospital, and his identity, motives and psychiatric state were not yet known, Mr Daragon said.


Le Pen says National Front on unstoppable rise

Marine Le Pen has said the far right is on an unstoppable rise in France after exit polls suggested her National Front party has failed to win any regions in a tense run-off vote.

Marine Le Pen said her party was on an Credit: Reuters

The party leader put a brave face on the polls, saying it would not prevent the the "inexorable rise, election after election, of a national movement" on the far right.

Ms Le Pen accused her political rivals of "defamation decided in gilded palaces", saying that her supporters had faced "intimidation, infantilisation and manipulations."

She said that her party had helped bring about the "total eradication" of the Socialist Party representation in the southeast and the northern regions as a result of tactical voting.

The Socialist Party had pulled out its candidates from both regions and urged its supporters to back the Conservatives instead, in a bid to stop the National Front from gaining power in the closely-fought run-off election.

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