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All but one of France's blockaded fuel depots reopen

All but one of the French fuel depots blockaded in widespread and violent strike action have been cleared, the country's transport ministry has said.

Striking French workers had formed burning barricades at fuel depots across northern France in protest at proposed labour law reforms. Credit: Reuters

A spokesperson for the department said the fuel supply was "improving everywhere, all over the country".

The dispute over labour reforms has led to a widespread shortage of fuel with British travellers urged to fill up their cars in the UK before driving on into the Continent.


Motorists fill up in Folkestone to avoid French fuel woe

Drivers heading for the continent have heeded advice to fill their petrol tanks up in the UK because of fuel shortages amid strike action in France.

Motorists took the opportunity to fill their cars and jerry cans at Folkestone before journeying on across the English channel.

Drivers filled up at the pumps before heading to France. Credit: Good Morning Britain
Motorists have been urged to stock more petrol for longer journeys in France and beyond. Credit: Good Morning Britain
The RAC urged drivers not to attempt journeys abroad unless they have enough fuel for the whole trip. Credit: Good Morning Britain
UK breakdown recovery firms warned drivers a rising number of their customers had already become stranded in France after their tanks ran dry. Credit: Good Morning Britain

Drivers heading to France urged to fill up fuel tanks in UK

British travellers have been advised to fill up with petrol or diesel in UK before holidaying on the Continent across the bank holiday weekend after strike action in France led to fuel shortages.

UK breakdown recovery firms reported a number of their customers had already become stranded after their tanks ran dry, with Green Flag reporting a 14% rise in fuel-related breakdowns in France.

Placards reading 'closed, dried up' have become familiar sights at petrol stations in France amid the strike action. Credit: Reuters

The dispute over labour reforms has led to blockades in French towns, cities, on motorways and bridges, as well as disruption of the nation's rail and air travel.

The RAC is advising drivers already on the continent and about to cross France not to attempt the journey unless they have enough fuel for the whole trip.

Windows smashed in France fuel protest clashes

Youths smashed the windows of banks and threw objects as protesters over labour reforms clashed with police in the western city of Nantes.

Youths kick the window of a bank in Nantes. Credit: Reuters
A youth throws a printer through the doors of a bank during the demonstration. Credit: Reuters
A protester is apprehended by police in Nantes. Credit: Reuters


Police and protesters clash during labour demonstrations

Protesters clashed with police in Paris during demonstrations against controversial labour reforms.

Demonstrators, some with their faces covered, were seen throwing objects at police lines. Police responded by firing teargas.

A protester sprays riot police with pink paint. Credit: RTV
A protester throws a rock at a police line. Credit: RTV
A protester confronts a line of riot police. Credit: RTV

Fuel rationing as shortages worsen in France

Many petrol stations across France remain blockaded as part of the industrial action that has also seen flights cancelled and rail strikes.

Nearly half of all filling stations have completely or partially run out of fuel.

ITV News' Dan Rivers is on holiday in France and has been rationed to 25 euros of fuel.

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Ferry services between Portsmouth and Le Havre cancelled

Brittany Ferries has cancelled services between Portsmouth and Le Havre Credit: ITV News

Strike action in France has led to the cancellation of Brittany ferry services between Portsmouth and Le Havre.

The services cancelled today are:

Le Havre to Portsmouth 2200

Portsmouth to Le Havre 2315

Tomorrow the Le Havre to Portsmouth 2200 has also been cancelled.

All other services to and from the ports of Caen, Cherbourg, St Malo and Roscoff are operating as normal.

Because of the on-going fuel strikes in France Brittany Ferries is urging customers to depart with enough fuel to reach their destination in France, or to leave with a full tank of petrol or diesel.

Smoke bombs in fountains as workers storm French port

French dock workers have stormed the port city of Le Havre and thrown smoke bombs into fountains, the Associated Press has reported.

The trouble comes amid widespread strike action over the country's controversial reforms to labour laws.

The unions are involved in a stand-off with the government over reforms which will make it easier for firms to hire and fire employees.

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