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Perks 'under review' in civil service overhaul

Among the reforms to Whitehall departments which are expected to be unveiled by Cabinet Office minster Francis Maude today are:

  • Perks such as free holidays axed
  • End to clothing allowances
  • Departments more concentrated on delivering Government policy
  • Flexible working arrangements under review
  • Rights reviewed for having time off for the Queen’s Birthday

Under-performing civil servants may face dismissal

Plans to shake up the way government departments in Whitehall are run could mean that under-performing civil servants lose their jobs.

According to The Independent Ministers are planning to extend performance-related pay. That could see some staff taking a 10 per cent pay cut if they under-perform.

Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude Credit: Press Association


Maude: Cruddas' claims 'embarrassing, wrong, and not true'

Cabinet Minister Francis Maude has told ITV's Daybreak that Peter Cruddas' cash for access claims are "embarrassing and wrong, and not true. "

"That's not the way we do business and raise money, and we're very clear about that."

He says that five years ago cross-party talks got "so close" to agreeing on an individual donation cap but were "frustrated at the very last minute" by Labour.

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