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Freddie Starr arrest follows strenuous denials

Karen Ward, a woman that ITV News interviewed making allegations about Jimmy Savile, also made allegations about Freddie Starr. She said that he "groped her", that he had a case of "wandering hands," and that it was in Jimmy Savile's dressing room at the BBC.

Freddie Starr himself has strenuously denied this. Over the last few weeks he's given interviews denying this. This is what he had to say a few weeks ago:

Initially he denied he had ever met Karen Ward but then footage emerged of Freddie Starr on a show with Jimmy Savile with her in the background. But he has been quite vociferous in those denials that he has done anything wrong.

On Sunday, Gary Glitter was arrested. Starr is the second celebrity to be arrested, and we are expecting more. Police are saying this is part of what they are terming in the investigation, 'Savile and others'.

More arrests are expected to come, although not all of them will be household names.

Comedian Freddie Starr held by Savile police

Freddie Starr pictured in December last year. Credit: Press Association

A statement from the Metropolitan Police reads: "Officers working on Operation Yewtree have this evening, 1 November, arrested a man in his 60s in connection with the investigation.

"The man, from Warwickshire, was arrested at approximately 17.45 hrs on suspicion of sexual offences, and has been taken into police custody locally.

"The individual falls under the strand of the investigation we have termed 'Savile and others'."



Freddie Starr: 'Don't tar me with the same brush'

The entertainer Freddie Starr has strongly denied to ITV News allegations he assaulted a teenager after the recording of one of Sir Jimmy Savile's shows.

He had denied ever being on one of Savile's shows - but footage has since been found showing him on Clunk Click, sitting just inches from Karin Ward, who was 14 at the time of the recording.

Speaking to ITV News, he said:

I don't think that there's any evidence there whatsoever. It's a matter of 'he said, she said.'

What Jimmy Savile is alleged to have done is ...wrong, that's totally wrong.

I do not like being tarred with the same brush as Jimmy Savile or Gary Glitter.

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