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British boy reportedly became lost in French Alps

A seven-year-old boy has reportedly died in a skiing accident in the French Alps. Credit: PA

A seven-year-old boy who died while on a skiing holiday in the French Alps on Friday reportedly became separated from his family and ended up off-piste.

Michel Ollagnon, an officer with the Bonneville mountain rescue service, told reporters that the boy fell off a rocky outcrop after apparently losing his way.

Mr Ollagnon said the boy was skiing with his mother, brother and sister, and had asked to ski alone for his last descent of the day.

His body was spotted at the foot of the cliff by an emergency services helicopter in the early evening.

Three killed in French Alps avalanche

Three people have been killed in an avalanche in the French Alps, according to reports.

Officials confirmed that two Austrians and an Italian had died in the snow slide in the Ecrins massif, near the town of Briancon.

A fourth tourist was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Grenoble with unspecified injuries following the mid-afternoon avalanche, and seven other skiers remain 'holed up' in a refuge building nearby.

The avalanche happened at the Ecrins massif, near the town of Briancon Credit: Google Maps


Derailed train left dangling from clifftop after rock fall

A train travelling through the French Alps was left dangling for hours after being derailed by a fast-falling boulder.

Two people were killed and nine injured after the so-called Train of the Pines was hit by a boulder just outside the town of Annot.

The mayor of the town Jean Ballester said the rock fell with "an extraordinary force".

A French tourist train was derailed in the French Alps after being hit by a falling rock Credit: REUTERS/Olivier Anrigo
The boulder impact formed a huge crater in the side of one of the train carriages Credit: REUTERS/Olivier Anrigo
The train was left dangling for hours after being derailed Credit: REUTERS/Olivier Anrigo

Man arrested in connection with family Alps shooting

A 54-year-old man was arrested in Surrey today in connection with the murders of Saad and Ikbal Al-Hilli, Mrs Al-Hilli's mother Suhaila al-Allaf, and cyclist Sylvain Mollier, who were all shot dead near Annecy, in the French Alps in September last year, Surrey Police said.

Saad al-Hilli, who died in a gun attack in the French Alps.


Headmaster: Charlie 'will be hugely missed'

(Charlie was) a talented and very motivated boy who made a huge impact on the lives of every one who knew him.

He was a popular boy and threw himself into school life with 100% effort.

Charlie loved a wide range of sports and especially the great outdoors.

He will be hugely missed and we send our thoughts and prayers to his family, especially his mother and sister, at this tragic time.

– David Hudson, the headmaster of Charlie Saunders' school, the Royal Latin in Buckingham