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'29,000 people a year die prematurely' from emissions

Environmental campaigners have urged politicians not to ignore the cloud of smog that has smothered parts of the UK over the last few days, saying they are "playing with people's lives".

Friends of the Earth's Jane Thomas told Daybreak, "29,000 people a year die prematurely in London alone" from pollution created by emissions.

Friends of the Earth: Nuclear agreement 'a bad deal'

Friends of the Earth director of policy and campaigns Craig Bennett said the nuclear power agreement with Chinese investors was "a bad deal for taxpayers".

Mr Bennett said:

The Government has chosen to give enormous long-term handouts to Chinese and French companies when they could be developing a world-class renewable industry in the UK.

The reality is that nuclear power takes decades to build, but climate change and energy challenges are upon us now - this focus on nuclear distracts from more urgent priorities such as delivering energy efficiency to households who are suffering rocketing energy bills due to the rising price of gas.


Friends of the Earth calls fracking tax break 'a disgrace'

Friends of the Earth called promising tax breaks for fracking in the current economic climate "a disgrace".

The group's head of campaigns, Andrew Pendleton, added:

Ministers should be encouraging investors to develop the nation's huge renewable energy potential.

This would create tens of thousands of jobs and wean the nation off its increasingly expensive fossil fuel dependency.

Friends of the Earth: Intense rainfall likely to become common

The head of policy at environmental group Friends of the Earth, Mike Childs, has said that experts expect to see extreme weather events such as intense rainfall become more common as a result of global warming:

So far, the world has warmed by an average 0.7°C above pre-industrial levels - if temperatures rise by the 4°C scientists widely predict then we can only begin to imagine the impacts on our lives and livelihoods.

But there is still time to tackle climate change. We must end our dependency on dirty fossil fuels and reap the benefits of energy efficiency and developing clean power from the wind, waves and sun.

– Mike Childs, friends of the earth