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Stars show their support for From the Heart

Across ITV stars have been showing their support for the From the Heart campaign.

Some of the stars of Coronation Street show their support for From the Heart Credit: ITV
Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford show their From the Heart support Credit: ITV
Keith Chegwin and Dancing on Ice partner Olga Sharutenko Credit: ITV
  1. Granada

From the Heart - a mother's story

When Toby Hart from Wigan died on holiday in Cornwall at the age of sixteen, his mother Sally had no hesitation in donating his organs.

She said it was the easiest decision she made - those organs from her son saved four lives.

In the first of a series on organ donation as part of ITV's From the Heart campaign, Mel Barham reports on a family's decision to donate.

You can get more information on the Organ Donor Register by clicking here.


Celebrating 'the gift of life' after a heart transplant

There are more than 7,000 people currently on the waiting list for an organ transplant; but last year, only 3,000 operations were carried out.

Every day in the UK, three people die while waiting for a donor organ.

All this week ITV News will be following doctors and patients at Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire which specialises in heart and lung transplants.

ITV News Medical Editor Lawrence McGinty reports from Papworth where he met Alex Smith who has recently had a heart transplant and Richard Worthington who has had his transplanted heart for almost three decades:

  1. Wales

A life saved through organ donation

Emma's life was transformed by organ donation. On ITV Cymru Wales at 6 o'clock we'll hear her story and explore the different path Wales could take.

The Welsh Government has introduced a bill which would see Wales have a 'soft opt out consent' system - unlike the current system, individuals would have to take their names off the organ donor register.

Ministers believe it will save lives but that idea is not supported by everyone. The head of the Church in Wales says organ donation should be a 'gift' and nobody should be compelled to give.


  1. Wales

Hundreds in Wales waiting for an organ transplant

This week ITV is launching a new campaign called 'From the Heart'. The aim is to raise awareness about organ donation but its implications could transform the lives of hundreds of people in Wales.

There are hundreds of Welsh people currently waiting for an organ transplant but there are not enough organs available.

As part of the campaign ITV Cymru Wales will have special reports and programmes exploring and highlighting the shortage of organ donors, its implications and the reasons behind it, focusing on the recipients of donor organs and how lives can be transformed.

  • At any time there are around 300 people on the organ transplant waiting list in Wales.
  • There were only 156 transplants in 2012 and the early part of 2013.
  • 40% of families refuse for organs to be donated from a loved one.
  1. Meridian

From the Heart: Jeffrey's story

We are launching an exciting new campaign to help save thousands of lives and we want your help. Every day 3 people will die waiting for a transplant, due to the desperate shortage of donor organs.

There are currently ten thousand people waiting for a transplant, and none of them know whether they will get the call in time - life is a lottery on the transplant list and we want to try and change it. So, all this week we'll be looking at the issue and speaking to people like Jeffrey.

Jeffrey was badly ill with kidney disease 3 years ago. He tells Sangeeta that having a transplant changed his life.

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