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PM's true blue G8 compilation album for world leaders

Tom Odell performs at Somerset House in London. Credit: PA Wire

David Cameron gave world leaders at this year's G8 meeting a compilation album as a gift - but unexpectedly it contained music to turn the airwaves blue.

Leaders, including US president Barack Obama, Russia's Vladimir Putin and chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany were all given the gift of a USB stick featuring 10 songs at the gathering in Northern Ireland last month.

The stick, which included tracks by Mercury Prize winners Alt-J, Jake Bugg and Rudimental, featured Tom Odell's hit Another Love.

The song, a top 10 hit earlier this year, is marked "explicit" on digital music site Spotify and includes the lyrics "So I'll use my voice, I'll be so f****** rude. Words they always win, but I know I'll lose".

PM faces MPs' questions on G8 Syria agreements

David Cameron and G8 leaders at the summit in Northern Ireland. Credit: PA Wire

David Cameron will face questions from MPs after G8 leaders thrashed out limited agreements on how to handle the Syria crisis and tackle tax dodging.

The Prime Minister is due to make a statement to the Commons after claiming to have achieved significant progress at the summit of wealthy countries at Lough Erne, Northern Ireland.

In a joint statement, the eight nations said a planned conference on ending the conflict in Syria should be held "as soon as possible".


G8 nations find common ground on Syria after summit

After two days of talks in Northern Ireland, G8 leaders endorsed a plan to restart peace talks in Geneva "as soon as possible".

Despite Russia's support of President Assad's regime - it along with the UK, US, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan - made a commitment "to achieving a political solution to the crisis based on a vision for a united, inclusive and democratic Syria".

ITV News' Political Editor Tom Bradby reports.

Cameron hails Syria 'breakthrough' at G8 summit

Prime Minister David Cameron has hailed the "important breakthroughs" made at a summit of G8 leaders in respect to a shared consensus on tacking the Syria crisis.

But he also conceded that there remains "frustration" in respect to the ongoing situation.

He told ITV News: "Every day without a peace conference, every day of bloodshed and slaughter is a day of immense frustration.

But he added: "Let's be clear what we've agreed here - which is a proper road map to a transition and also to having an end to Assad and a government that all of Syria can support - those are all important breakthroughs and we have taken some good steps forward to bringing this conflict to an end".


TUC: G8 tax declaration fails to deliver what's needed

The Trade Union Organisation (TUC) have labelled the Lough Erne tax declaration "so weak it is bordering on irrelevance," and "yet another missed opportunity." Frances O'Grady, general secretary of the TUC said:

For all the prime minister’s welcome pre-summit rhetoric, the G8 declaration fails to deliver what’s needed to tackle tax avoidance, and even falls short of the expectations he’s set.

While some progress has been made on automatic information exchange, the agreement on reporting profits to tax authorities is so weak it is bordering on irrelevance.

Despite the high profile pre-summit lobbying, the British crown dependencies appear to have outmanoeuvred the G8 nations and got tax havens out of the agreement altogether.

We fear the declaration’s warm platitudes and hazy rhetoric will be far too easy for global companies to skirt around. Yet another opportunity has been missed to finally get to grips with global tax avoidance and evasion.

Obama: Important to build strong opposition in Syria

US President Barack Obama has said that it is important to build a strong opposition in Syria that can function in a post-Assad situation.

President Obama talks about the agreement made on Syria at the G8 summit. Credit: Reuters

Speaking after G8 leaders agreed new measures to tackle the crisis in Syria, Mr Obama said: "We very much share the view that it is important for us to build on the G8 communique to move towards a political transition".

"We will continue to work to try and find a poltical solution to this process and most importantly alleviate suffering and ensure that chemical weapons are not used by anyone inside of Syria".

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