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Stranded passengers 'growing increasingly agitated'

A pilot and aerodynamics student, Brad Haverly, has tweeted that he is stuck on the taxiway at Gatwick Airport:

Gatwick airport in the dark over Ebola tests

Government plans to introduce "enhanced screening" for Ebola at major airports and Eurostar terminals have been questioned after Gatwick said it knew nothing about the measures.

Passengers at Gatwick airport. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Checks will take place at Heathrow, Gatwick and Eurostar terminals following advice from chief medical officer Professor Dame Sally Davies.

However, a spokesman for Gatwick said they had not been given any instructions on how the screening should be carried out.

We've not had anything at all. We're still waiting for Public Health England (to let us know).

– Gatwick Airport spokesman

World Health Organisation (WHO) director of strategy Dr Chris Dye said the screenings would "hugely increase awareness" but added that it was unlikely to detect anyone with Ebola coming into the UK.

Christmas problems at Gatwick airport to be examined

The Civil Aviation Authority said it expected Gatwick bosses to examine exactly what caused Christmas chaos at the airport before deciding what further action to take.

Asked about a possible investigation, the spokesman said:

We need to know exactly what happened at the airport. Once we have that information we can decide if there is any further action we need to take.

– Civil Aviation Authority spokesman

Gatwick 'may face probe over chaos'

Gatwick Airport chiefs face a possible investigation over problems faced during the Christmas period amid criticism from travellers.

The airport saw some of the worst chaos on Christmas Eve after a power outage at its North Terminal led to "significant power outages and delays".

Some passengers complained of difficulties retrieving their luggage at Gatwick. Credit: Lilly Evans

Passengers complained of a lack of information and spoke of four-hour delays as more than 35 flights were cancelled.


No Heathrow Express trains today or Boxing Day

There will be no Heathrow Express trains today or on Boxing Day, the account for the train service said.

easyJet to run some replacement Gatwick flights today

Airline easyJet said it would be operating a limited number of flights from Gatwick Airport today to replace ones that should have operated yesterday.

These include flights to Faro, Basle, Malaga, Alicante and Amman, while passengers from a cancelled flight from Gibraltar to Gatwick will be travelling on one from Malaga today.

EasyJet said it would be unable to schedule any further flights today because of limited capacity at airports and crew availability.

A spokesman said:

Due to the high amount of cancellations that were unavoidable on the 24th, we are currently working on a plan to repatriate all passengers back to their destinations as soon as possible.

But please be advised this may take a couple of days whilst the programme resumes to normal operation from Thursday.

'Total mess' at Gatwick as travellers seek luggage

A passenger at Gatwick Airport has told ITV News there is "total mess" after flight cancellations and delays after a power failure in the north terminal led to a backlog of luggage.

Lilly Evans said: "bags are mixed, those that were destined to go on cancelled flights to different destinations and those who landed in UK".

A traveller checks a tag on some luggage Credit: Lilly Evans

The airport has said that "a full service" will be in operation today but advises passengers to check with airlines for the status of their flights as most will now be running from its south terminal.

A Gatwick official arrives to advise passengers Credit: Lilly Evans
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