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Christian worker wins unfair dismissal case after 'gay jibe'

A Christian nursery worker who was sacked after airing her views on homosexuality and marriage has won a discrimination claim against her former employer, her legal team has said.

Sarah Mbuyi, 31, was fired by Newpark Childcare in west London, for gross misconduct after telling a lesbian colleague her gay lifestyle was a sin. She claimed the sacking breached European law on religious freedom.

Sarah Mbuyi said she was relieved at the outcome of the tribunal which ruled in her favour. Credit: PA

The tribunal recognised that while the employer was "not anti-Christian" Miss Mbuyi had not been treated fairly.

The Christian Legal Centre, who supported Miss Mbuyi, said it was a "common sense" judgement.

Miss Mbuyi said: "I only ever responded to questions that my colleague asked me and wanted the very best for her. I give glory to God for the decision and say 'well done' to the Christian Legal Centre".

Tiffany Clutterbuck, a director of Newpark Childcare, told The Sunday Times that she was disappointed by the ruling.

Pope loses fight for wider acceptance of gay people

Pope Francis has suffered a setback as hardline Catholic bishops vetoed his proposal for a wider acceptance of gay people and Catholic divorcees.

Pope Francis called for a wider acceptance of gay people. Credit: Reuters

Despite Pope Francis warning traditionalists against "hostile rigidity" before the vote, bishops rejected language aimed at welcoming gay people and divorcees who have remarried into the Catholic Church.

Bishops said the document, which spoke of "accepting and valuing their (homosexuals') sexual orientations" and giving gays a "welcoming home", threatened to undermine the traditional family.

The final version said anti-gay discrimination is only "to be avoided".

Gay rights groups expressed disappointment at the decision.

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