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Galloway: 'Is Assad mad enough to order gas attack?'

Respect MP George Galloway has told the House of Commons that issue of determining if the Assad regime was responsible for any chemical weapons attacks is based on the idea: "not that they are bad enough to do it, everyone knows they're bad enough to do it but is he mad enough to do it."

Mr Galloway went on: "To launch a chemical weapons attack in Damascus on the very day that a United Nations chemical weapons inspection team arrives in Damascus must be a new definition of madness.

"And of course if he is that mad, how mad is he going to be once we've launched a blizzard of tomahawk missiles upon his country?"

MPs to debate PMQs move for Thatcher's funeral

MPs will debate later today whether Wednesday's Prime Minister's Questions session should be cancelled so members of the Commons can attend Baroness Thatcher's funeral

George Galloway and Labour veteran Dennis Skinner objected to a motion that would have allowed the chamber's sitting times to be altered.

The pair's cry of "object" means the proposed change will now be voted on after a debate lasting up to three hours.

Former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher pictured in 1996. Credit: PA Wire/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Mr Galloway described Lady Thatcher as "a wicked and divisive woman" who did "great damage to a society she said didn't exist".

Mr Galloway said, "People think the canonisation of Lady Thatcher has gone on long enough. The muffling of the chimes of Big Ben is a step too far and now Mr Cameron will miss Prime Minister's Questions for four weeks. It is unconscionable".


Galloway plans to object to PMQs move

George Galloway will try and block Government plans to cancel Wednesday's Prime Minister's Questions session to allow MPs to attend Baroness Thatcher's funeral.

The Respect MP said he will call "object" when the motion to delay the start of parliamentary business until 2:30pm is brought before the Commons tomorrow night.

Ministers hoped the motion, tabled by the Leader of the House Andrew Lansley, would go through "on the nod".

Bradford West MP George Galloway will object to the delaying of parliamentary business. Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

Mr Galloway said he will take advantage of Commons rules which mean if one MP shouts "object" the motion will either have to be withdrawn - allowing PMQs to go ahead as normal - or the Government will have set aside parliamentary time on Tuesday so that it can be debated and then voted on.

"It really is imperative that the Prime Minister is questioned, among other things, about his decision to impose a quite unnecessary and expensive early return of Parliament which was simply a hideous outpouring of right-wing eulogies and rants doused in crocodile tears," he wrote on his website.

"I'm glad to see that, like me, more than a hundred Labour MPs stayed away from the circus".

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George Galloway misses 87% of Commons votes

George Galloway Credit: PA

MP George Galloway has missed 87% of all Commons votes during his first year as a Bradford MP and spoken in just seven debates.

Data compiled on website show Mr Galloway has taken part in just 13% of the votes over the past year. Most MPs average between 70 and 80%.

He has spoken in just seven debates - the average for MPs being around 30.

Mr Galloway, a member of the Respect party, has declared the figures "fundamentally flawed" as they present only a partial picture of what an MP does. His office said he has tabled dozens of motions, written letters to Ministers and dealt with a large amount of constituency work from his office.

Galloway: Chavez was a 'modern day Spartacus'

The Respect MP George Galloway has paid tribute to Hugo Chavez, calling him a "modern day Spartacus" and a "champion of the poor":

George Galloway: 'I am not the Bradford Batman'

Respect MP for Bradford West, Geoge Galloway, has taken to Twitter to deny that he was the Caped Crusader who handed in a man to police in the northern city:


George Galloway: I don't debate with Israelis

Respect parliamentary candidate criticises Galloway

The Respect candidate in the upcoming Manchester Central by-election, Kate Hudson has echoed the criticism from her leader about George Galloway's controversial comments on rape:

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