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  1. Joel Hills

New tax rules for tech giants could affect UK firms too

The Chancellor didn't name names, but it is generally accepted he is talking about the likes of Google and Apple and Microsoft.

He is not happy with the way there are paying tax, and believes that British profits are being funneled abroad to places like Ireland, where they pay lower rates of tax, and sometimes further afield, where the rates of tax they pay is close to absolute zero.

Completely wrong, you may think, but all completely legal.

The OECD is in the process of trying to renew international tax law to come up with some sort of global consensus, but what is interesting about today is the Chancellor has clearly decided he is not going to wait.

He says there is hundreds of millions of pounds at stake, which makes it sound a bit like a one-way bet - it's not.

Remember we have our own global multinationals too. It may end up with the likes of Vodafone, BP and GSK paying less in Britain.


Osborne: Choice is between Cameron or Miliband

Conservative voters considering voting for Ukip face the reality of a choice between David Cameron or Ed Miliband, George Osborne has told Good Morning Britain.

The Chancellor said people may be looking for "easy answers" following the recent recession, but said the coalition's plan for the economy was working and would lure voters back.

Osborne: Boris Johnson 'is a Conservative star'

Boris Johnson is "a real Conservative star" who will be a welcome addition to the Tory team fighting the next general election, George Osborne has told Good Morning Britain.

Responding to polling indicating that the London mayor would be a more popular leader of the party than David Cameron, the Chancellor said: "We want the best team on the pitch. We want Boris as our striker on the pitch and that is what he is going to do under the leadership of David Cameron."

Osborne: 'Extraordinary' Miliband didn't mention deficit

Chancellor George Osborne has tweeted that Ed Miliband "didn't mention the deficit once" in his Labour party conference keynote speech.


Westminster has 'no contingency plans' for a Yes vote

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has accused Westminster of having "no contingency plans" for a 'Yes' vote in Scotland.

He accused pro-Union politicians, including the Chancellor George Osborne, of contributing to a "lack of confidence in the UK government" on the part of the financial markets.

UK 'will not share pound' with independent Scotland

George Osborne warned Scotland that if it votes Yes to independence there would be no currency union.

An independent Scotland would not keep the pound, the Chancellor said. Credit: Simon Cooper/PA Wire

The Chancellor told BBC's Andrew Marr show that sharing currency after independence would be equivalent to a couple divorcing but sharing the same bank account.

No ifs, no buts. We will not share the pound if Scotland separates from the rest of the UK.

– George Osborne

However, Mr Osborne did promise to announce plans for "more tax powers, more spending powers, more plans for powers over the welfare state" in the next few days.

He said it was "clear" Scotland wanted more autonomy and the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour had agreed to "deliver" on that.

Osborne pledges more devolved powers to be revealed

Chancellor George Osborne said plans to devolve more powers to Scotland inside the UK will be unveiled in the next few days after a shock poll put the Yes campaign in the lead for the first time.

Chancellor George Osborne. Credit: Martin Rickett/PA Wire

Final touches are being put to proposals for "much greater" fiscal autonomy and tax-raising abilities, Mr Osborne told the BBC's Andrew Marr show.

He also said the YouGov research for the Sunday Times - which found pro-independence campaign ahead by 51% to 49% - should galvanise those who wanted to keep the union together.

This country faces a very, very big choice. Scotland faces a very big choice. If people were in any doubt that they can stay at home, that they don't need to go out to the polls and vote No to avoid separation, they won't be in that doubt today.

They should also be in no doubt about the consequences of this decision - one of which is that Scotland will not be sharing the pound as an independent country with the rest of the UK if the separatists win the vote.

– George Osborne

George Osborne's cat Freya hit by a car

George Osborne's pet cat Freya has been hit by a car.

But a Downing Street spokeswoman stressed the wandering feline, who went missing earlier this year, was not seriously injured.

It is unclear where the accident happened or whose car was involved.

Freya the cat was involved in an accident last night. Credit: Thames Reach/PA Wire

The news came as cat enthusiasts around the globe celebrated World Cat Day.

In May, the Chancellor's cat was chauffeur-driven back home after turning up frightened and lost in Vauxhall where she was found by homelessness outreach worker Kate Jones who identified her from the tag on her collar.

Ms Jones later posted a picture of the cat with a note to remind Mr Osborne that while she had been given shelter for the night in this instance, most homeless people are not so fortunate.

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