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Green Party slams Osborne for leaving out climate change

The Green Party has criticised Chancellor George Osborne for leaving out any mention of climate change in his 2015 budget.

MP Caroline Lucas also slammed more cuts announced in today's budget.

Plaid Cymru vows to fight cuts in favour of investment

Plaid Cymru has criticised the major parties for persisting with "damaging" cuts, and vowed to prioritise investment instead.

It comes after Chancellor George Osborne unveiled the government's budget for 2015.


Farage: Government has failed to eradicate deficit

Laughter at Osborne's claim as 'friend of the north'


Labour: Chancellor fails to mention NHS in budget speech

The Chancellor did announce funding for an expansion of mental health services for children and those suffering from maternal mental illness.

Ed Miliband: 'A Budget people won't believe'

Reacting to the final Budget before the general election, Labour leader Ed Miliband said it was a "a Budget people won't believe, from a government they don't trust".

Ed Miliband, the leader of the Labour party. Credit: ITV News

The Labour leader said there had never been such a large gap between the Chancellor's rhetoric and the reality of people's lives.

He also condemned George Osborne for failing to mention investment in the NHS or public services.

Setting out what he called the "inconvenient truth" of the Chancellor's record, Mr Miliband claimed he had failed Britain's working families by presiding over falling wages, not building enough homes and creating too many low-paid, insecure jobs.

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