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Friend says she had no idea how badly affected 63 stone teenager was

A 19 year old, being called Britain's fattest teenager, is still receiving hospital treatment after becoming seriously ill. Friends say Georgia Davis who weighs 63 stones ballooned in size because of the strain of caring for her ill parents.

Her former housemate Jade Tarrant says Georgia was constantly eating as a way of coping. She says she had no idea how bad the situation had become, but if Georgia had stayed with her she would be much happier.

63 stone teenager's weight ballooned from 'stress of looking after parents'

The best friend of a teenager weighing 63 stones has told ITV's Daybreak that she became massively overweight because of the stress of dealing with her parents' long term illnesses. Emergency teams had to demolish a wall at Georgia Davis' home to get her into an ambulance for medical treatment.

63 stone Georgia Davis is taken to hospital for emergency treatment Credit: Wales News Service


Neighbour: 'Obese teen was under a lot of pressure keep weight off'

A neighbour of a chronically obese teenager cut free from her home by workmen this morning has said that Georgia Davis was "under a lot of pressure" due to her weight.

Jane Price, 52, said a large team of workmen had arrived at the teenager's home the day before she was freed to plan the extraction:

I think the TV programme helped to start with but then she was under a lot of pressure to keep it off.

I don't think I'd seen her for about three years. It's such a shame because she has so much to live for at her age.

I know her mother and stepfather are both ill so it has been a very difficult time for them all. You have got to feel sorry for someone who has not set foot outside their home for so long.

Mother of '60 stone' teen says they 'needed help'

The mother of Georgia Davis, a teenager thought to weigh more than 50 stone, told ITV Wales in 2009 that they "needed help" in controlling her weight before she went to a US health farm. Ms Davis is thought to have been a carer for her mother, Lesley.

The 19-year-old was rescued by emergency services from her house this morning after she became unwell.

Teen 'ballooned' after returning from a US fat camp

19-year-old Georgia Davies, who weighs a reported 63 stone, said that her eating was like an "addiction" shortly before her trip to a US health farm. Ms Davies said: "If you get to the point where I was, you can't stop eating. It is (an addiction) like heroin. You need help.

Georgia Davis on GMTV still fighting fit just after returning from the US Credit: ITV

"I really didn't want to be that person anymore. I wanted to change and I've wanted to change for a long time".

Ms Davies started overeating at the age of five, after her father died from emphysema.


Eight hour operation to rescue '63 stone teen'

The Sun has reported that it took eight hours to rescue '63 stone' teenager Georgia Davis from her house. The 40-strong team carried out the operation after the 19-year-old collapsed with breathing problems and chest pains. The operation involved:

  • Demolishing the top half of her mother's semi-detached house with sledgehammers and circular saws, making a 10ft by 10ft hole.
  • Tearing down and internal dividing wall, so Georgia can be removed from her back bedroom.
  • Erecting a scaffold-supported 20ft-long ramp reaching the ground-floor window.
  • Fitting supports to prevent the roof from collapsing and lifting the teenager on to the ramp with a crane.
  • Georgia was in a special stretcher that itself weighted 11 stone, designed to reinforce her weight.

Doctors had warned '63 stone' teenager to 'lose 20 stone or die'

The Sun has reported that '63 stone' teenager Georgia Davis first started battling with her weight when she was just 15 years old. She was suffering from crippling aches and Type 2 diabetes weighing in at 33 stone. And medics warned her: “Lose 20 stone or die.”

After nine months at a US fat camp, Davis lost an impressive 14st 6lbs. But within 20 months of her dramatic transformation, shrinking from a size 38 to a size 22, she was back up to 40st 6lbs on a 13,000 calorie-a-day diet.

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