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Munich transport reopens as shooting death toll hits 10

Munich's public transport system has reopened after a lockdown was put into place in the wake of a deadly shooting at a shopping centre in the city, police have confirmed.

It comes as the death toll reached 10, including one person suspected of being among the gunmen who attacked the Olympia centre.

Munich's main railway station was closed Credit: Reuters

On Twitter, Munich police gave a "cautious" all-clear, saying they had found someone wanted by Interpol who had killed themselves.

They now believe the man had acted alone, they added.

It was initially believed three shooters had been working together.

The deserted railway station in Munich in the midst of the lockdown Credit: Reuters

'At least 10 injured' in Munich shopping centre shooting

At least 10 people were injured in a shooting attack at a Munich shopping centre, police have said.

Nine people have been confirmed dead, including one whom police suspect may have been one of the gunmen.


Ninth body found near scene of Munich shooting attack

A ninth body has been found just over half a mile from a shopping centre where gunmen opened fire, killing at least eight people, a police spokesman has confirmed.

German radio station Bayerischer Rundfunk reported that the dead man was wearing a red backpack, similar to that seen on one of the attackers who opened fire at McDonald's at the Olympia centre. A robot was reportedly investigating the bag.

The police spokesman added it was unclear whether the gunmen were still in the city or in the surrounding areas.

On Twitter, the force has confirmed it is investigating whether one of the dead may have been behind the shooting.

Why is Germany now the target for terrorist attacks?

Germany is now reeling from two terrorist incidents within a week, following Monday's axe and knife attack on a suburban train in Bavaria.

Friday's shopping centre attack appears to be a calculated one - taking place where unsuspected people were either shopping for the weekend or preparing for a night out.

ITV News Security Editor Rohit Kachroo reports:

German president condemns 'murderous' attack

Mr Gauck said his thoughts were with emergency forces on the streets Credit: Reuters

The German president Joachim Gauck has said he is "deeply shocked" by the "murderous" mass shooting in Munich.

My thoughts are with all the victims and all those who are grieving or fearing for a loved one.

And I feel a bond with all those who are working to protect people and save lives.

– Joachim Gauck


Husband of trapped woman: 'They are unbelievably scared'

Hockl Guenther. Credit: Reuters

A man whose wife is still trapped inside the shopping centre in Munich has said she is "unbelievably scared".

Hockl Guenther said his wife is currently locked in a room in the centre with up to 12 people and feels relatively safe, but is "scared because they are in the middle of it all and nobody knows where the terrorists are, including the police.

"Of course she is unbelievably scared, that's obvious. They can't do anything, they have to stay calm", he added.

Guenther said the group she is in has food and water, and are in contact with friends and family on their mobile phones. He told reporters that he is in "constant contact" with his wife, and has given her courage to not be scared.

He told her: "If somebody tries to come in to the room, don't be scared: you have nothing to lose, if it's not the police, if it's clearly a terrorist you all have to run at them. Don't wait, don't talk, don't hesitate".

Police investigating if Munich attacker is among dead

Police say they have found the body of a person who may have been an attacker in the Munich mass shootings.

A tweet posted to the force's feed in French said that the cause of death was suicide.

It is thought the body was found inside the shopping centre where gunshots were first reported.

Police have said they are still searching for suspects and have urged members of the public to avoid public spaces.

At least eight now confirmed dead in Munich shootings

At least eight people are now known to have died in the Munich mass shooting, police said.

The force had earlier said that at least six were dead and an unknown number of others injured.

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