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Policing of cull to be 'independent' and 'impartial'

The operation to police the badger cull pilot reached its full capacity at 8pm this evening, Gloucestershire Police said.

A section of the document laying out Gloucestershire Police's approach to policing the cull Credit: Gloucestershire Police

The force has said that the operation will be "operationally independent, impartial, even-handed and fair to everyone whatever their views, interest or involvement in the pilot scheme".

A document outlining the role of the police says it will mediate between parties if there are any protests as well as "responding to any breach of the peace".

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Cheltenham Festival goer still missing

A pensioner from Rotherham who is visiting the Cheltenham Festival remains missing on Wednesday.

Friends of 70 year old Philip Lucas last saw him around 5.50pm on Tuesday.

He was supposed to be staying in Cranham during the week of the festival.

Gloucestershire Constabulary have told ITV News West Country that they received a report of a possible sighting of Mr Lucas in the Kings Arms public house around 11.15pm on Tuesday, but there has been no confirmed information about his whereabouts.