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Police arrest teenagers suspected of stealing a swan

Police have arrested two teenagers in Gloucester on suspicion of stealing a swan after videos of the alleged theft appeared on social networking websites.

Videos appearing to show a swan being dragged from a pond prompted a police investigation Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Police began investigating after a local newspaper, the Gloucester Citizen, uncovered videos which appeared to show a "swan being dragged out of a lake by its neck".

Other videos seemed to depict a "duck being left to writhe around in a sports bag", the newspaper reports.

Two 16-year-old boys suspected of committing offences under the Wildlife Act have been bailed to attend a police station at a later date.

Police also said that mobile phones and computers were seized as part of the investigation.


Eyewitness on small plane crash: 'There was a big pop'

An eyewitness has described the scene as a plane crashed into a garden in Cheltenham earlier today.

Jeannie Bowers, 46, was standing in her partner's garden when she saw the incident unfold:

I was just making a coffee and I heard a plane in trouble. I looked up and there was a big pop and banging sound and then a whoosh of air.

The parachute went up and the plane slowly came down towards the ground gently turning and hanging from this parachute just towards me.

No one was hurt and it managed to miss every single building - the shed, the summer house and greenhouse.

It's just amazing how its come down and no one was hurt. It was very, very surreal. I can still see it coming down now.

It was a very strange experience and I am just glad no one was hurt.

Dangerous dog alert after sheep deaths

A dangerous and aggressive dog is being hunted by police after it attacked and killed a number of sheep.

The public is being warned about the animal - a Bernese mountain dog - which remains on the loose in Gloucestershire despite being shot and wounded by armed police.

A dangerous and aggressive dog is being hunted by police after it attacked and killed a number of sheep. Credit: Press Association

The dog is believed to have been missing from its home for several days and has attacked and killed sheep in Cliffords Mesne, near Newent.

Police said it is thought to have become aggressive and attacked the sheep on Tuesday evening.

"Police were called to farmland and tried to approach the animal to safely remove it but the animal was aggressive and officers were unable to contain it," a Gloucestershire Constabulary spokeswoman said last night.

"Due to the potential harm to the public and other animals in the area firearms officers shot and wounded the dog.

"The officers believed the dog had been destroyed but, despite a search of the area, the animal wasn't found.

"Officers continued to look for the dog during daylight.

"A member of the public reported seeing a dog acting aggressively in the area this evening and armed officers are currently continuing their search in the area.

"Anyone who sees the animal is advised not to approach it and to call the police immediately by dialling 999."


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Campers join search for missing boy in Stroud

Campers have joined police to search through the night for the missing boy, who was on a family holiday.

Sergeant Ben Darcy said the search has been "difficult" in the dark but a more extensive hunt was due to start as daylight breaks.

The search has gone on throughout the night but due to the location it has been very difficult to do. It is a heavily wooded area. With the daylight we will be getting more officers in for a more extensive search.

– Sergeant Ben Darcy, Gloucestershire Police

The majority of our campers were helping in the search overnight, and my family. Everyone is very anxious, we're just hoping we are going to find him walking in the woods somewhere. We had an amazing response from the local police last night and an amazing response from the campers.

– Richard Kelly, a co-owner of Thistledown Farm
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Police search for missing boy in Stroud

Police are hunting for a missing seven-year-old boy who may have got lost in woodlands.

The boy, from Worcester, was last seen at a campsite at Thistledown Farm in Nympsfield, near Stroud in Gloucestershire at around 7pm last night.

It is believed that the boy may have got lost in woodland near the campsite and police are eager for anyone who may have seen the boy to get in contact.

– Gloucestershire Police spokesman

The boy is described as white, around 1m 20cm (4ft) with blonde hair and blue eyes.

He was last seen wearing a dark 'Scooby-Doo' rain jacket with a hood, dark jogging bottoms and wellington boots.

Farmers: TB brings 'physical and emotional' pressure

Thousands of farming families living with the constant threat of TB are in favour of the Government's controversial badger cull, despite the division of the general public.

My life to some extent is planned around TB tests.

I've ended up managing my business because of TB, managing it in a risk averse way because you know you've got TB or you're not far away from having TB.

– Gloucestershire dairy farmer Rob Harrison, 36

It's partly financial, but also we've got quite fond of these cows and know how to handle them, and they know us, so there's an emotional pressure.

Also it's quite a physical pressure, we've got to bring cows in for testing that would rather be out at grass, we've got to chase them round the field and then they're stressed out, and the calves are all mixed in and it gets quite dangerous for them and us.

– Angela Sargent, a beef farmer from Derbyshire

NFU: Badger cull is not about 'wiping them out'

The vice president of the National Farmers' Union, Adam Quinney, said the badger cull is not about "wiping out badgers" but reducing TB in "areas where it is endemic".

A new poll has revealed the public opinion is divided on whether the badger cull should go ahead.

This will ensure this terrible disease doesn't spread to areas of the country that are currently clear of it.

Farmers are already playing their part in tackling TB.

Robust new on-farm rules were introduced in January 2013 as part of the Government's TB eradication plan, which aims to tackle all aspects of TB infection in the countryside.

These rules followed the introduction of additional cattle controls, more pre-movement testing and increased on-farm biosecurity measures last July.But if we are to successfully tackle TB, action has to be taken to deal with the reservoir of disease in our wildlife.

– Adam Quinney, National Farmers' Union vice president
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