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Google maps capture images of Galapagos Islands

Google has captured images of the unique Galapagos Islands to use on its online mapping site.

The team hauled 360-degree cameras along trails, up hills and even into a live volcano to capture images of the diverse environment which inspired Charles Darwin in his theory of evolution.

Google will add the images of the Islands to its free online mapping service later this year. Credit: Press Association Images

Panoramic pictures of the diverse marine environment were also taken which will allow users to take "virtual dives" into the ecosystem.

The 10-day trip saw team members walk past the islands' famous giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies and into a crater of the active volcano, the Sierra Negra.

Google hope the images will advance scientific understanding in order to protect the Galapagos from invasive species, climate change and other human impacts.

The images will be added to its free online mapping service later this year.


Google unveils latest version of Google Maps

Google has redesigned its Google Maps feature, describing it as "fully interactive and tailored to you".

When searching for a restaurant, for example, Google Maps now provides further information, including related places, streets and reviews.

It also gives users the chance to save locations and add their own reviews, explaining the "more it is used to better it gets."

Google Earth has also been combined with Google Street View to give users a 3D view at street level.