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Google loses bid to prevent consumers suing it in the UK

Google has lost a Court of Appeal bid to prevent British consumers having the right to sue it in the UK.

Google has lost its Court of Appeal bid. Credit: Chris Ison/PA Wir

A group known as Safari Users Against Google's Secret Tracking want to take legal action in the English courts over the internet giant's Apple Safari internet browser.

They accuse Google of bypassing security settings in order to track their online browsing and to target them with personalised advertisements.

Google to better inform users on personal information

Google agrees to better inform users over personal information. Credit: Google

Google has agreed to better inform users about how it handles their personal information after an investigation by Britain's data protection regulator found its privacy policy was too vague.

The Information Commissioner's Office said in a statement that it required the search engine to sign a "formal undertaking" that it would make the changes by June 30 and take further steps in the next two years.

The ICO investigation stems from a privacy policy implemented by Google in March 2012 that consolidated some 70 existing privacy policies into one and pooled data collected on individual users across its services, including YouTube, Gmail and its social network Google+.


Google to stop selling wearable tech 'Google Glass'

Google will stop selling the current version of Google Glass and reorganise the business behind it Credit: Reuters

Google has announced it will stop selling its current version of Google Glass and plans to reorganise the business behind it, Dow Jones reported.

The technology giant is set to release a new version of the much-hyped wearable tech later this year, the report said.

The new Glass business will report to Tony Fadell, CEO of home automation company Nest, which was bought by Google last year.

Google expects to wind down its Explorer programme in the next few months, Fortune reported.

The announcement comes a day after beleaguered British supermarket chain Tesco announced it was becoming the first major UK retailer to launch a Google Glass shopping app.

European Parliament votes to break up Google

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have voted to break up Google as parts of plans to tackle dominant internet search providers.

Members of the European Parliament want to break up dominant internet search providers. Credit: Chris Ison/PA

In a resolution which "called on EU member states and the European Commission to break down barriers to the growth of the EU's digital single market" the vote was approved by 384 votes to 174.

The resolution underlines that “the online search market is of particular importance in ensuring competitive conditions within the digital single market” and welcomes the Commission’s pledges to investigate further the search engines’ practices.

MEPs also stressed the need to prevent online companies from abusing dominant positions by enforcing EU competition rules and unbundling search engines from other commercial services "given the role of internet search engines in commercialising secondary exploitation of obtained information”.

MEPs added that “all internet traffic should be treated equally, without discrimination, restriction or interference”.


Google's Project Wing drones take flight in video

The first test flight of Google's drone delivery has proved successful as shown in a video revealing the self-flying vehicles in action in Queensland, Australia.

Google's Project Wing drones are being developed to make deliveries of goods. In the initial testing, seen here, they carried a first aid kit, candy bars, dog treats, and water to a few Australian farmers, Google said.

Project Wing is a Google plan for developing a delivery system that uses self-flying vehicles. As part of the research, a vehicle was built and test flights were done in Queensland, Australia. A first aid kit, sweet bars, dog treats, and water were successfully delivered to a couple of Australian farmers.

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