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What is the EU? Google searchers ask hours after Brexit

Hours after the UK voted to leave the European Union, "What is the EU?" became the second top UK Google search on the issue.

The top five search queries were:

  • "What does it mean to leave the EU?"
  • "What is the EU?"
  • "Which countries are in the EU?"
  • "What will happen now we've left the EU?"
  • "How many countries are in the EU?"

The questions formed the top Google searches conducted on the EU since the official Brexit result was announced.


Google's £130m tax settlement 'disproportionately small'

Credit: PA

Google's £130 million tax settlement "seems disproportionately small", the influential Public Accounts Committee investigating the deal has said.

MPs said there was "palpable" public anger at the agreement with HMRC to cover taxes due over the past decade.

The committee said the settlement "seems disproportionately small when compared with the size of Google's business in the UK, reinforcing our concerns that the rules governing where corporation tax is paid by multinational companies do not produce a fair outcome".

Google has insisted it pays a "fair" amount of tax and Chancellor George Osborne previously hailed the deal a "victory".

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