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Gordon Brown to announce six point plan for Scotland

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown is to use a speech to propose six "major" constitutional changes to revamp the UK's relationship with Scotland, outlining his vision for the country within the Union.

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Mr Brown will argue his plans for a new power-sharing constitutional partnership between Scotland and the rest of the UK represent a "radical break" from the status quo and a more appealing offer than "irreversible" independence.

Such a view of Scotland's future represents a "clear, positive alternative" to independence, and is one which will deliver a strong Holyrood and enable the country to meet the challenges of poverty, health inequality and poor educational standards, it is claimed.

Ex-PM Brown wants constitutional reforms for Scotland

Constitutional reforms should be made to create a "union for social justice" in which the UK can pool and share resources for the benefit of all, according to former prime minister Gordon Brown.

Mr Brown says Scotland will be strengthened by his proposed constitutional changes while remaining within the union.

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown Credit: PA

The former PM is due to give a speech on Scotland's future in his constituency today and will say: "I am of the view that the party that first created a powerful Scottish Parliament is best-placed to strengthen devolution and to create a stronger Scottish Parliament in a stronger UK.

"We can show how with our reforms, to be implemented by Labour administrations in Westminster and in Edinburgh, we can address some of the greatest social and economic challenges a future Scotland faces."


Brown fondly recalls Mandela call after son's birth

Gordon Brown fondly recalls the moment he had a "father to father" conversation with Nelson Mandela.

The former Prime Minister told ITV News that Mandela had phoned to congratulate him the day after his son's birth:

Brown said: "We'd both lost children and we had what was not a statesman to statesman conversation but a father to father conversation.

"That was Mandela all the time - the personal care he took in his relationships, his great sense of humour .... he was just a very complete and warm human being".

Watch: Queen talks about hearing that Mandela had died

Gordon Brown: 'He saw freedom had to be achieved'

Gordon Brown with Nelson Mandela in 2007.
Gordon Brown with Nelson Mandela in 2007. Credit: PA

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has paid tribute to Nelson Mandela's foresight and hope:

"He could see far wider and more ahead than any other and he saw that freedom had to be achieved. That South Africa had to be rebuilt. A multi-racial community had to be established.

"And there was an even bigger cause - that we had to eradicate poverty and injustice throughout his country and the rest of the world. He will remain in the centuries ahead a great inspiration for millions of people."


Brown hails Cole as 'soft-spoken giant of journalism'

Gordon Brown has joined Ed Miliband and David Cameron in paying tribute to the BBC's former political editor. Credit: DPA/Press Association

Former prime minister Gordon Brown has added his tribute to BBC broadcaster John Cole, who has died at the age of 85 after a long illness.

The statement from Mr Brown said: "John Cole was the soft-spoken giant of journalism whose friendly manner and unimpeachable integrity allowed him to ask the difficult questions that got to the heart of an issue.

"Respected by all, he leaves a great legacy of writing and commentating which will serve the test of time."

Cabinet secretary 'warned Brown' about McBride

Gordon Brown was warned about taking controversial spin doctor Damian McBride with him from the Treasury when he became Prime Minister, a former Cabinet secretary has said.

Lord O'Donnell said the incoming Prime Minister chose to ignore his advice in 2007, which he now believed had been "damaging" to Mr Brown.

Lord O'Donnell and (left) Damian McBride.
Lord O'Donnell (left) and Damian McBride. Credit: PA/ PA Wire

Lord O'Donnell, who was speaking at an event at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, said Mr McBride had "gone off the territory" - even as a civil servant.

"I advised Gordon Brown when he was coming across to No, 10 not to take Damian with him and he chose to. Again I think that was damaging for Gordon Brown," he said.

Gordon Brown dodges Damian McBride questions

Gordon Brown has refused to answer questions over revelations made by his former spin doctor Damian McBride.

Mr Brown was at an event to unveil a UN-backed initiative on educating children displaced in Syria’s civil war when he was repeatedly asked by a Telegraph journalist if he condoned Mr McBride's actions which have been revealed as his new memoir has been serialised in the Daily Mail.

However the former Prime Minister appeared to completely ignore all questions regarding Mr McBride.

Note: This video has now been removed at the request of the owner, but you can watch it on the Telegraph website.

Brown and others need to answer McBride claims

by - Political Editor

Damian McBride has returned to this conference a little bit like a bad smell.

I should say for the record that I never did any business with Damian McBride because I thought that his way of doing things was very very toxic right from the start.

I think there are certainly people who have questions to answer about it not least Gordon himself, who employed him for such a long time. Is it really fair to lay all of that at Ed Balls and Ed Milibands door?

I'm not sure, but what I would say with reasonable confidence is that I don't think that is going to change the atmosphere around them now.

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