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Gorilla runners raise £100,000 for charity

Monkey-ing around - charity runners taking part in the London Great Gorilla Run. Credit: PA

More than 600 people wearing gorilla costumes and other fancy dress have raised £100,000 so far during a charity run in aid of gorillas.

People taking part in the 'London Great Gorilla Run' are raising money to save the lives and preserve the habitat of gorillas which are considered an endangered species.

One of the runners who raised thousands in aid of gorillas. Credit: PA

TV conservationist Bill Oddie and magician Uri Geller handed medals to everyone who ran, jogged or walked the 8km route which passed sites such as St Paul's Cathedral and The Tower of London.

The charity run passed sites such as the Tower of London. Credit: PA

There are only 800 gorillas left on this planet so it is great to see so many of you supporting them in this way. Your mind power is giving the gorillas the energy to survive and my mind power gave you the energy to get through 8km."

– Magician Uri Geller


£1 million upgrade for Bristol Zoo's gorilla family

Visitors to Bristol Zoo Gardens can now get up close and personal with a family of gorillas as their new £1 million enclosure opens this weekend.

Jock, one of Bristol Zoo Garden's gorillas, lies on the glass roof of the new viewing area in the extended Gorilla House. Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire
Visitors to Bristol Zoo can get up close and personal with Jock and the other gorillas. Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire
The new viewing area in the extended Gorilla House, which opens to the public this Saturday. Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

Footage released of toddler playing with gorillas

Footage recorded nineteen years ago of an 18-month-old interacting with a gorilla at Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent has been released.

Tansy under the watchful eye of the gorilla. Credit: Aspinall Foundation

Damian Aspinall introduced his daughter Tansy to a group of critically endangered gorillas, with the video showing her happily playing with the primates.

The video has been released to help raise awareness of the gorillas' plight and the need to return them to their natural habitat.

How humans and gorillas have more in common than we realised

Gorillas are closer to humans than chimpanzees in terms of genes related to hearing Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA

Scientists have discovered that gorillas are closer to humans than chimpanzees in terms of genes related to sensory perception, hearing and brain development.

The findings emerge from the first completed genetic blueprint of gorillas.

Dr Chris Tyler-Smith, senior author of the research published in the journal Nature, said: "Scientists had suggested that the rapid evolution of human hearing genes was linked to the evolution of language.

"Our results cast doubt on this, as hearing genes have evolved in gorillas at a similar rate to those in humans."