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Graham Norton attacks huge BBC pay-offs

BBC presenter Graham Norton has attacked the giant pay-offs given to his former bosses by the corporation.

Graham Norton described BBC pay-offs to his former bosses as an 'own goal'. Credit: PA

The chat-show host, who earns £2.6 million a year through his production company So Television, complained to the Radio Times that the severance payments - which included £470,000 to former BBC director-general George Entwistle after only 54 days in the job - had been an "own goal" for the BBC.

He said: "It did seem extraordinary in a time of cuts where you were asking everyone who works for the BBC who's loyal and doing a good job to tighten their belts and take a reduction in pay, while those people who'd dragged the BBC into disrepute were being handed sacks of cash. It defies belief."